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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Monday

Warning; a few of the photos at the end are considered graphic.

Husband pieced together a smoke stack. It won't last all season, but will give us time to get something else.

Medium took this picture as we drove into town for Doctor appointments, and then off to school.

Photos not in order of happenings. 

After dropping the boys off at school, I returned home to find Husband lounging outside. All three sheep hanging from the trees. We can't afford meat this week (long story and hope to share with you all soon, it isn't bad even though it sounds like it right now. Sacrifices must be made! Giggle)

Now the story turns into "My Monday"

Husband went a little psycho on the throat, but the head will come off anyhow. The picture is deceptive. The creek is further away than what it looks like. All three gutted and skinned as darkness fell. 

Unfortunately the ram; getting his revenge, perforated bowel, fun times. Though I made really good friends with our new hay guy's dogs.

The boys got home and Small asked if he could help skin.

He is pretty good at it, though there was a small knick in the hide, and he got upset. I told him not to worry about it. He is so fascinated about animal anatomy. I think Small will be a wonderful vet. He is deeply caring for all the animals, he tends to wounds, helps us with any bigger wounds. He is careful, fascinated, and sympathetic. Hopefully I can get him some books on barnyard animal anatomy, and simple vetting books. 

As the night wore on, I had to finish butcher by truck lamp. Between all the posts I put in the day before, and butchering out all three sheep, my hands hurt. My fingers so swollen that I could barely remove my rings (just telling you this so you will feel sorry for me. Am I too old to do the teenager eye roll?)


1 comment:

Sandy Livesay said...

It's really great news Small is so into the animals,and helping them.
How awesome would that be to have a Vet in the family. He's growing up fast.....before you know it he will be out of school and maybe onto Vet school.

Less critters to feed, and more meat to add to your freezer and to feed the family.

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