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Friday, September 05, 2014

No, I am not ready.

The past few days have been filled with love. Oh, I can feel it. I have received numerous emails, comments, messages, and texts asking if we are ready for winter.

I know you are worried, but just remember we survived last year, and we will survive this year. Albeit the only thing that will have changed is the amount of food on hand.

Turns out August is mold season here, unlike Kansas. That means my drying options are limited. 

My house and my Ford's dashboard give me a bit more time to dry. 

I have plenty of canned goods from my garden.

I have puréed goodness in the shop freezer, waiting for me to turn them into awesomeness.

One the weekends the boys and I hike out, marking dead standing trees for Husband to down. We do need to get propane, however, I have a wood stove that I have become very acquainted with, and am able to cook on.

Even though we are not where we had hoped to be at this time, we aren't as bad off as we were last year. We will still have to walk up the driveway of doom,

I've accepted it, and will perceiver. I appreciate your love and concern. Your care packages have been sanity savers, as have your comments and emails.  


Donna. W said...

I am praying this winter is milder in your neck of the woods. You know, I follow a lot of blogs, and I don't check on many of the regularly.
I do check your every entry, or try to, because you are real. I have had hard times too, and I appreciate someone who doesn't sugarcoat stuff.

kath said...

Sounds like you're making some decent headway this year, and next year will be even better! Here's hoping the weather gods are on your side this winter!(Although the Farmer's Almanac is saying otherwise, but they've been wrong before... let's hope this is one of those times!)

carol anne said...

You and your family are strong and resourceful. You've persevered and made more headway that most could have. You can make it through this winter too.

For what it's worth everything I've heard or read so far seems to be erring on the side of another bad winter here in NJ.

longtime wife said...

do you have an inside wood stove? That has an oven? I worry about you guys this winter, it is saying it will be harsh. What kind of things will help you guys out to be better prepared? give us an idea ok? I am still trying to get us there. His work has him working six days a week , money is good, but having no free time stinks.
Let us know ok. Winter worries me.

Practical Parsimony said...

It is moldy here in AL. My yard is full of trees, so the sun does not dry out the yard until about 4 pm. I have to run the ac even when I don't need it just to keep my house from molding away. At least I do have a dehumidifier. My car is in the shade all day, so things would be hot and humid on the dashboard.

I just wish your house was out of that holler!

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