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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's been a long month

These past four weeks, Medium, Small and I have been alone. All the progress has been on my shoulders alone. And I have been exhausted. 

The nights have been long, dark, cold and lonely. My days filled with getting the two boys off to school, sitting in the dark until the sun begins to rise in the holler, and the condensation starts to drip from the tin roof unto my head. Outside I would go to seek refuge, weeding the fall garden and listening to the squirrels plot to take back their land. Then to the shop, where I have been scrubbing painting, and fixing. Where Small Farm Girl and her hubby would come and keep me company as they worked just as hard as I to make this happen. I am more than grateful for everything they have done.


Husband finally returned from Kansas this Saturday. He was only to be gone 2 weeks, but some legal things came up and he had to stay to fix them. And then with the cost of the lawyer, he had to then raise funds to be able to return. 

I was overjoyed, and relived to see his smiling face again. Things are already going at full force again. The shop work is on overdrive to get it completed, so that we will have money to survive the winter. 

Saturday also brought out one of my wonderful readers. Seems like homestead bloggers are being cut down by the flu left and right, but she made the 3 hour journey to hang out by a campfire with me. She brought goodies, and chicken wire that had been sitting in a basement for years. And two very warm and fuzzy blankets to boot! The blankets are awesomely warm, thank you again! I had a grand time meeting her, and chatting. Small Farm girl and hubby came down, and we played musical chairs, trying to stay out of the path of the rampaging camp fire smoke. We now know who the bueatiful ones were down there that day.

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color, and nights colder. Fall, and another adventure has befallen Banshee Hollers. 


Harry Flashman said...

I'm glad to see you back on line. I was starting to think that the booger man got you all out in the woods. I'm glad your husband is home.

Anonymous said...

In spite of perpetual tiredness it sounds like you got a handle on everything. just checking in on you sweet girl. keep in touch.

Ellen said...

Glad to hear the blankets live up to their reputation.

Don't forget... I'm buying lunch next time. (When things calm down a bit... maybe by the time small graduates high school?)

West Tx at Heart said...

I hate that Im so far away. I want to just drop by. lol

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