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Friday, August 23, 2013

Have I mentioned

I am sitting here with no electricity, no Internet and no running water, sitting in front of a campfire cooking our dinner. And I love it.

We are definitely roughing it, hard core camping (with our beds). 

Yesterday we had to return the Budget truck. Small Farm Girl's Husband came out the night before to fill in a wash area in our drive. When we had arrived, we tried to take the wash slowly, I swear I thought the moving truck was going to flip! He smoothed it out a bit, making it much easier to get that truck over it. 

I took the lead in my pickup and we started up our driveway. For those of you new (welcome) our driveway is at a 30 degree grade for the first 100 ft. One side has a natural drainage ditch and an upward bound hill. The other side has a 75 ft drop, but there is trees to catch you if you slide off. Well, the grass was wet, the moving truck has a governor, and it was just barely skinny enough to make it down the drive. Upwards wasn't as easy. The edge of the ditch mushroomed and the truck was stuck.  I had to back down the driveway. It was a bit tense for me as I have never done that before. It's not a straight shot either, it's curvy. So down I went, husband riding in the bed.

Husband got the chain and hooked the two trucks together. Off we went, sort of. I did mention wet grass? There was a couple of times I was sliding sideways. My butt toward the drop! This was getting scary fast. It took twenty minutes, but I managed to get them to the top. 

The man at the budget return place told us where to get some breakfast, and Small Farm Girl was sitting in there. That was not planned. Such a large area with so many restaurants, and there she was. She told me she psychic one, I thought she was joking. It's been great though. I adore having her as a neighbor. I digress. Breakfast was really good. Our Bear in the woods is still with us until later tonight. He made a friend from the club next door. Looks like we have a place to go hang out to listen to live music now.

After breakfast we went to the open air flea market. As I mentioned I managed to get 12 blue Ball quart jars for $2 a piece. I also got a case of nectarines, some onions and a butternut squash. The man with the jars says he will bring some more for me next week. I also picked up an antique singer for $4, yes it works, a new chainsaw for half the price you see it in stores and a slide projector. My mom still has mine, and it was a good deal. 

Then home again. After a day of unloading a 24' truck, we were due the rest. Even though it has been busy, it's still relaxing. Bear bought a watermelon, and husband and I sat with our bare feet in the creek, eating the watermelon. It was sugary, and the juices running down our chins and hands. The minnows nibbling at our toes. I wish I has a camera as Husband and Betty (black lab mix) walked up the creek. Husband's jeans rolled up like Tom Sawyer.

Ask a child to do dishes and this is what you get.

Did I mention I love it here?


small farm girl said...

Welcome!!!! You find a few things are different around here, but you will become adjusted. lol

mizdeb said...

So happy for you! My sister and I love to go to the National Seashore at Corpus and rough it for a week. 4 wheel drive, haul in all food and water, ice and tent cots. We fish our asses off, drink beer and enjoy the peace of no one around for miles. We usually go down at least 20 miles. We do pack our pistols though in case someone tries to mess with us. No phones no wifi. Heaven

Sandy Livesay said...


I so happy to hear you love it there. How are the guys adjusting?
I see the boys like doing dishes in the creek.

Don't work to hard putting things away or in order.

Can't wait to see more pictures after you get things situated the way you like.

Sandy (aka JEALOUS)

Harry Flashman said...

Reading your post reminds me of Parkman's "The Oregon Trail." You're living a modern day version, and even if you are not headed towards Oregon you are certainly leading that "camp life" for the moment.

FancyHorse said...

So good to see you so happy! Be careful on that driveway!!

Practical Parsimony said...

That truck ride had me queasy for a bit. I almost slid off into a lake far below when I was driving downhill.

I so love reading about your new life. Because of disabilities, it is a life too rough for me. I do plan to get better! Two dishwashers and a creek are funny.

Are mosquitoes bad?

kath said...

Sounds like you're going to have some physically fit young men doing that walk up the driveway to the school bus every day! Might I suggest a zip line to make the walk down more fun for them? How cool would that be?
So glad you're settling in and happy! If you're anything like me, you are already making to-do lists of everything you want to get done. Try to be patient! You're still healing and you have the rest of your life to do it all. The rest of your life. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Living your dream and moving on!

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