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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Answering some of your burning questions

I am trying to be a good guest at Small Farm Girl's place, so haven't had the time to answer questions in comments. So until I have my own Internet I will attempt to answer them in a post, like this.

Thanks to KF-in-Georgia, Small Farm Girl was able to find the scream we were hearing. Turns out it is red foxes at play. Foxy Holler?

Composting toilets. The cabin already has a septic system in place. If it didn't, we had thought about doing a composting toilet. But alas, we really don't have a lot of money, and with a system already in, we will be happy with it.

I am not sure when we will be getting our own Internet. We have to wait for the solar to come in since satellites use electricity. But it sounds like it might be difficult to get it down in this hole. We shall see. 

I have never batfished, as you have described it. We use to throw keys up for the bats to smack into when we were kids though.

Mosquitoes haven't been too bad. The bats help with that. However it's been very chilly here at night. So strange, wearing a sweater in August! 

A zip line is in the plans.

Red foxes are dangerous to chickens.


Unknown said...

How did you know my questions were burning? :-)

Sandy Livesay said...

The zip line does truly sound like fun.

Domartello said...

I have not posted much, but I'm reading almost everything you write.
Tua fight this good, you will win.
A hug straight from Brazil ...

Practical Parsimony said...

I am still wondering if you have caves on your property. Well, at least are the bats living in caves near your property?

Harry Flashman said...

I need to import some Red Foxes, then. I have way too many chickens.

Phelan said...

Yes, there is a cave. No bats in it though. But there could be a smaller crevice type cave where we have yet to explore.

GreyWolf said...

Glad your move was safe. It sounds like you are getting along with your new surroundings ok. Best wishes on your families new home.

Susan in western NC said...

Re your comment on the cold: I live pretty much due south of where you are (i'm in western NC) and it's been chilly here too. In fact, it's been a weird weather year--a warm, wet winter followed by cool wet spring and summer. We had temps in low 30s in late May. Very unusual. The current chill is probably unusual too and next August, you'll be remembering it fondly

If you hadn't figured out it was foxes screaming, I was going to suggest screech owls. They cry out at night too

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