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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

It isn't all barren

Just so I don't leave a bad taste in your mouth about Kansas.

I love the open plains of Kansas. This is and will always be home.  Since I am leaving here, no more need to gritch. 

We might not have a lot of trees,

We have so many other things.

Let's hope I don't get claustrophobic in Kentucky. 


Judy said...

I hope you don't get claustrophobic too! The things I missed the most when we lived in Michigan were the wind and sunshine! It's like as soon as you cross the Mississippi the wind quits and the humidity goes nuts. I was never so glad to come home!

Sandy Livesay said...


The pictures you posted of Kansas are gorgeous, makes me want to go visit Kansas one of these days, not in Spring thought (tornado season).

Kentucky is just as gorgeous with all the trees, hills, mountains, water, and your beautiful place.

Linda said...

I did not mean to hurt your feelings about the stark scene you presented yesterday. I am just more accustomed and pleased with gently rolling, tree covered hills of Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. However, I do love to travel through and visit in areas that are different from my own. You will probably love KY.

FancyHorse said...

Lovely scenic photos! I've never been to Kansas but I would like to visit sometime. I've driven through Kentucky once, interstate all the way. It was beautiful, too, but we'll have to get on the country roads next time!

Amy Dingmann said...

I've never been to Kansas, but your pictures are beautiful! Good luck in Kentucky. :)

Phelan said...

Linda, you didn't upset me. In fact you weren't the only one to comment, for some reason comments weren't going through, so I got emails. Ha!

I just thought I would show a bit more of Kansas. Saying goodbye to it, and all.

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