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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our last day here

For now.

Today is our last full day before heading back to Kansas. We have a wonderfully busy day. We have to get our holding pens up. It's marked off, now to pound in t-posts and string barbed wire. We leave early tomorrow, so it has to be ready for our return with livestock.

I was asked here, if we worried about flooding. The previous owners have spent time on this land since childhood, and claim to have never seen the creek out of its banks. Even Small Farm Girl tells us that we won't have to worry about flooding. However there is flash flooding within the banks of the creek. We are just too high up, without a lot of higher land above us.

It's been raining often, ever since we got here. We have been given credit for its arrival, and the tornado south of here. Small rope, nothing hurt. 

Yesterday we ventured out on our own to some of the small towns. First a lawyers office to sign the final deed. Next the post office, that sent us to the court house to E911 to apply for an address. So many stairs! Ugh. We have decided to name our driveway, as we don't actually have a road connecting to our drive and most of our property, the driveway needs a name. "Better Run" you can decide if it means something good or something menacing. 

I also did laundry in the creek. So old school. Fun novelty for a moment, then no more. But we have clean clothes for the trip home. 

We honestly don't want to go back to Kansas. Kentucky is feeling more like home. But we have to go take care of the Neophyte Homestead, and say goodbye to those we love.

See you all again in Kansas.


West Tx at Heart said...

Could you at least try to pretend like you like this place. ;-)

FancyHorse said...

Better Run sounds like a great name! I'm sure it will be a better run for you and your family. I've been reading all your posts about the land and the cabin, it sounds wonderful! As you may know, we have just moved, too, but we're more "citified". Your experiences remind me of my old Girl Scout camping days ;-).

I'm looking forward to hearing about your move with the livestock and settling in, making the cabin your family homeplace!

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