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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's with all the reposts?

I know, I know. And I am truly sorry to my long time readers.

I have never been a fan of reposting my stuff, but I do have something like 7 years of posts here. And although I have a lot of things to talk about, tis the season for gardening, and I am not gardening; at this moment.

Most people are in the now, if I can throw up an old post and make someone's day, then so be it.

I am taking requests. I will be offline for a bit in a week. So now is your chance. More than likely I have a post about it somewhere already. 

Tell me what you are interested in, I will see if I can find it, update it if need be (possibly edit it for grammar) and repost it.

Otherwise is will be nilly willy like.  Cuz I'm in a mood.

Here's a picture of a tornado in Northern Kansas the other day. It's pretty. And an EF-4

 See mood.


Judy said...

You must be from Kansas, if you think a tornado is pretty! LOL

They are beautiful. I just wish they would somehow zig-n-zag around buildings that are occupied.

macbew said...

It is pretty and exciting! Even though they shouldn't, big storms always get my energy going. Maybe it's just seeing all that energy swirling around outside that gets the energy swirling around inside.

Usually when I'm in a bad mood if it doesn't go away I finally just let'er rip and if someone doesn't want to benefit from it they can visit elsewhere for a while(unless it's about them).
I don't have any problems with reposts. I'm sure you'll get back to new garden posts when things get settled down after the move. My request for a repost is for container gardening(fruit, vegetable, nuts, berries or anything else edible).
Sorry about the long comment. And I hope you feel better.

Phelan said...

I wish they would too Judy. The one in the picture luckily missed populated areas. It took out a few out buildings and some cattle are missing.

Macbew, not a bad mood, an ornery one. I get to fill you all in on it shortly. I will get on the container gardening reposts for you. Thank you!

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