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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sheep vs goat: a test

Today I got into a conversation about sheep vs goats, and how one tells the difference. There are so many pictures and videos labeled incorrectly it can get confusing. So I took it upon myself to do a bit of research and discovered that one person wrote an article long ago and people treat it as gospel, regurgitating that same false statements over and over. No one seems to have corrected it. Cut and paste cut and paste.

I posted a little test on Facebook to see if people knew the difference when looking. The results were interesting, and slightly predictable. My homesteaders were correct 100% of the time. My wonderful city dwelling friends were wrong 100% of the time. (I love you guys, but you need to spend more time in the country) Most people seems to believe that you don't shear goats, and you don't milk sheep. We need to change that.

But first, here is the test. I know, it's simple for some of you. But go ahead and try. Later I will tell you the answers and try to fix the sheep/goat misnomers.

Can you tell which is the goats and which the sheep?


Michelle said...

I was in Scotland, having a tour of a sheep farm to watch the shepherd work his dogs with the sheep. Then we all got to try shearing. I asked him, "Are these fiber sheep or meat sheep?" He answered, "All sheep are made of meat!" (which is just what I say about my rabbits!) Turns out they ARE meat sheep; their wool is too rough for anything but rugs. Still, I know that the Icelanders milked their sheep, and sheepsmilk yogurt commands a high price at Whole Foods here. I have dairy goats, but my father's best friend raised Angora goats. You're right, cityfolk do need to get dirt under their fingernails....

Coffeekittie said...

I'm late on this, but will take your test anyway as I want to raise sheep myself and should know! LOL.

Pic 1 is a goat, pic 2 a sheep, pic 3 a goat and pic 4 a sheep.


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