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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bloat in Lambs equals a terrifying experience

Bobbert began coughing, mucus bubbled from the side of his mouth. His back teeth made a grinding noise. Symptoms fitting that of chocking. His stomach not hard or distended.

With in moments he was struggling for breath and falling to the ground. Husband jumped into action, sticking his finger down Bobbert's mouth in attempts to dislodge whatever it is he was chocking on. Husband got bit for his efforts. Blood was drawn and Husband worries about becoming a weresheep now. But nothing blocking the lamb's airway.

His stomach still not showing signs of bloat. But I am now at a loss. Bobbert is at this point having seizure like symptoms, thrashing and struggling to baa in Husband's lap.

I have never dealt with bloat in any of my animals before. This was a new, and terrifying experience for us. However I do research, and suddenly was recalling some of the things I learned. I quickly drenched Bobbert with 1/4 tablespoon veggie oil and 1/2 teaspoon water. Followed by some watered down pepto. Husband yelled at me that I was drowning him. He of little faith! Suddenly Bobbert's heart rate was no longer race car levels, and standing with balance. Of course I get to be smug now.

All this happened in less than a five minute time frame. If I hadn't known what to do, Bobbert would have been dead within a few moments. Suffocating.

His breathing is no longer labored. He is standing and staring. For now he will be ok. But for us, this is yet another drama involving this little ram. We almost lost him a few days ago because of the formula we had for him. After a saltine and sugar water, his system was cleared of that poisonous swill and he was back to his normal self. And now the bloat. He will have a stricter diet for the next few days, reduced amounts of everything. And we will slowly increase it over the week. I should have paid a bit more attention, but after the formula debacle, he had stopped eating for almost 48 hours, only taking water. I was thrilled he was eating again. But it was too much too fast.

He might be the death of me.

Lesson for the neophyte 'steaders, do lots of research because you never know when you might need it. Don't wait until the last minute to google it.


Anonymous said...

hope I never start gagging and coughing around you folks. You sound vicious! ha ha ha . glad it worked out. you doing ok little sister?

Phelan said...

At least you know we will save you even if you are a biter! ;)

I'm doing better, thank you. I thought I would do an update shortly about the goings on. Husband is finally tearing the bike down.

DFW said...

Scary indeed. I think I can't wait to get the farm animals then I hear about heroic efforts all you guys make to save them when something goes wrong & I think I have so much to learn BEFORE I ever get any. Note: Have to actually move to the farm first ;)

carol anne said...

My brother's Akita suffered from bloat. They came home one day and found him like that, he had to have surgery. From then on they had to feed him ground meat and boiled elbow macaroni twice a day. I don't believe he was allowed dry dog food or anything like rawhide bones or even Milkbone type treats, nothing but the ground meat and macaroni mixture and water. There was a certain time period after/before (I forget now) eating that he had to be walked also. They got him as a puppy when I was in 6th grade and he lived until after I was married —I got married at 24— so he lived a good long life even with the bloat.

Kelly said...

That is truly terrifying. Hope all goes well now.

Penny said...

Phelan, what happened with the formula?

Phelan said...

Not exactly sure. He was deteriorating quickly, after a wonderful rebound. I took him off the formula, and gave him powdered milk and he improved again. Taking it in to the vet to be tested.

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