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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I guess it has been awhile since I last wrote.

Lambing season is in full swing. We had twins born last night and a single the day before. Still waiting on three more ewes to drop. Of course we just started a blizzard, so the timing is impeccable.

Some awesomeness has descended on the homestead. Karma has apparently decided we have had enough of the negatives. There are some final things to work out and then I will be able to tell you all about it.

We are still moving to Kentucky, this awesomeness has slowed it a bit. Which is fine. It will make transitioning smoother for us. And six chickens have found a new home.

I did mention a blizzard. It just started as I sat down to write. They are expecting 11" of snow by tomorrow. We are ready for it. Plenty of food and wood. Only problem is Husband went into work this morning and the wood stove is at the bottom of the steps, several steps. I am getting better navigating stairs. Up is soooo much easier than down. Never the less I am staying warm.

Progress with my knee flexibility is stagnant. I have taken on putting a movie on, laying on my stomach, and using a scarf to bend my knee until tears erupt. It's awful, but has to be done. Doing my strengthening exercises and other stretches. I know it takes time, and this awesomeness doesn't make me feel that getting back ASAP is utterly important. I can take a bit more time without feeling guilty.

I am back to baking. That makes me feel useful and happy. I made a Boston cream pie, and I think I over did things. It takes a very long time to make one, and my back was done with it all. Just wish the dish would stay around as long as it takes to make it.

Hope you are doing well.


HotFlashHomestead said...

Your pie looks absolutely amazing! And I hear you on the stairs thing, too. After I had knee surgery I went down stairs on my BUTT (also slid down banisters) for longer than I'd care to admit. If anyone has a used stationery bike you can buy cheap or borrow, it's pretty good (but painful, I won't lie) for getting some more bend out of your healing knee. I used one and I hated it...but it helped, I have to admit.

HermitJim said...

It's good to see an update from your place! Nice to hear that you are up to baking a little bit again. I'm sure that the family appreciates the results!

BTW, that pie looks excellent!

FancyHorse said...

I'm glad to know there's some awesomeness! Looking forward to hearing about it.

Good luck with the therapy. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing.

Your pie looks great!

Missy said...

Awesomeness us good! That Boston Cream Pie reminds me of my Momma. She used to make them several times a year.

Sandy Livesay said...

The pie looks fabulous,I can see why it doesn't last long on the plate. That's because it's delicious!!!

I can't wait to hear your news of awesomeness, I'm excited for ya'll

jules said...

That BCP looks just yummy! I'm glad for you guys there is awesomeness going on and glad it will contribute to moving the homestead as well. I can't wait until you're posting from KY and your wonderful future!

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