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Monday, February 04, 2013

Butchering with Wounded Knee

No worries, no butchering pics this round.

Being down for four months can really set you back. A quick update, I can bend my knee 95 degrees now. The things I did before, not including standing and walking, feel like I am physically doing them for the first time.

The bull calf wasn't that big. Yet it was Husband that had to swing the half over his shoulder. I have yet to even attempt a bag of feed. And it does make me feel bad, almost worthless at times. I am getting stronger, and doing more things as I feel comfortable with. Skinning the calf was troublesome as my squatting powers are a bit fatigued as of now. Today we broke down what usable beef there was. The temperatures got too warm to allow it to hang any longer.

The meat on his ribs were too bruised to be used. We did manage to salvage 14 lbs of hamburger. I woke this morning sore. It didn't take hours to deal with the meat, yet it feels like it had. I am a big whiner, aren't I? Don't answer that.

It is amazing though, well interesting, the changes you experience. Before, I was physically able to preform feats that are normally portrayed on tv by teen boys. Now. . . I had a impromptu race with an elderly woman, her and her walker beat me hands down! I will challenge her to a rematch soon.

As Weldrbrat said in comments, things will change for me. I am accepting that, but it doesn't stop from me pushing myself. I am stubbornly hardheaded. But back to baby bull.

We were unable to hang the meat for the full five days. Unfortunately that means that the meat was still a bit wet. It isn't too big of a problem, an annoyance and a bit messy, sloshy. Very slippery when trying to hold onto a strip of meat and cutting it from the bone. A few minutes in the freezer helps greatly when pushing it through the grinder. Plus with an electric grinder, it reduces the chances of "cooking" the meat. As the machines tend to warm up when in use. The meat will change to an awful grey color when heated up through an electric grinder. And will give it a microwaved cooked texture. I personally suggest avoiding that at all cost.

I weighed the meat out to two lbs bags, sucked the air out and sealed. Into the freezer with you! I have the liver, ground pork and pork fat thawed out and waiting for me today. Oh the things we can create. Wry grin.


small farm girl said...

When I read this title, I thought you were given a new Indian name, Wounded Knee. Hey, I kinda like it!!!!! lol

carol anne said...

You'll get back to where you were. It just takes time. I sympathize, the worst part of being sick was not feeling like I was puling my own weight. I felt like I wasn't a full partner in my marriage because I couldn't help out shoveling snow or putting the trash out. The day we spent preparing for Hurricane Sandy was one of the best days of my life solely because it was the first time in 2 years that I was able to work alongside my husband and not sit in the house watching him work. it takes time but you'll be back doing everything you used to do and probably more, it just takes time. (((hugs))) Don't get discouraged.

Diane C said...

You're doing great so don't beat yourself up. I've had a lot of broken bones due to osteoporosis but would still jump on the back of a bike in a heartbeat. I know you feel that way too.

jules said...

Why was the meat too bruised to use? I've never heard of that before.

Glad you are working up to 100%. You push yourself. Just don't push too far too soon.

jules said...

Never mind, I just went back and read you think it was Momma.

CoolChange©© said...

There is nothing like processing home grown meat. I agree with everyone. Push, but not to fast.

Unknown said...

I can't get over the main pic on this blog! Too funny!

Stump grinding Glastonbury CT

Coffeekittie said...

Hi Phelan!

You are coming back from that injury, even if slowly by your standards - hooray! You are far from useless, it's just your time for healing, no more or less.

Processing different ways sure makes a difference, eh? Glad you could salvage some good meat.

I have started a little blog of my own so you can see what I'm busy building, if you like :)


Practical Parsimony said...

Okay,now what did you injure and how did you do it? I blinked and now you are hurt.

Phelan said...

Sorry practical, I just saw your question. I broke my knee in a motorcycle wreck in Sept 2012. Just now starting to get around again.

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