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Friday, November 09, 2012

An answer to emails about the pay it forward post

First, thank you. You are the kindest most generous readers someone could ask for.

Secondly, my only intent on this was for you to make an extra item when you signed up for the gift exchanges. I know that every year several popular bloggers get people to make something, from dish towels and ornaments, to hard candies and cookies, and send them to that bloggers other reader.

Thirdly, back to those emails. Many have asked what the family was into. I contacted Peggy over on Hidden Haven Homestead too ( as soon as I figure out how to link from this stupid app, I will. Tempted to leave blogger with all the issues I am having posting) and asked. Here was her reply.

"The mom doesn't ask for anything but I know her kitchen decor is apples, the rest of the house is mostly country decor. She reads mystery and devotional books. Oldest boy loves all sports:baseball, football, basketball, and the movies I told you about. The girl loves pink and purple, loves animals, animal books, pics, stuffed animals, and has just started using a little makeup, and nail polish. She loves animal movies like homeward bound, grizzly adams or anything animal. Either VHS or DVD. I picked up Dr Dolittle one and two at thrift store for her. my daughter said they all could use socks (8-12) women's or mens. She said they are always trying to find socks without holes when getting ready for work and school. The baby has farm animal theme crib and decor. (My daughter gave those to her). If you have any other questions just ask. If someone ask about giving a gift card one for gas would really help her in getting to work and back."

Now you know.

If you have Peggy's address already, you are super special and you can send your extra gift directly to her. I would like to have them in hand by Dec 10 to make sure I can get them shipped off in time.

I will be posting the gifts I make here under my gift idea tab so you can all see the messes I can masterfully create. Started on one for the baby. Teen boys are a little harder to discover gifts for. But I do have a few ideas. Since our Larges are the same age, and extra of each shouldn't be too hard.

And thank you again, we all might yet make it to homesteader utopia!


Anonymous said...

I will have to look at what I have available and/or can make. The mom definitly needs something special under the tree. I've been a single mom and I know the focus is on the kids... I'll be in touch.

JeanneD said...

This is a wonderful idea. If more people did this, the world would be better off. We will look for something as well.

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