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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fire Storm Watch has been Canceled.

Shall we commence in a happy dance? Oh, I think we shall.

Woke to the sound of rain, glorious, life giving, attitude soothing rain. Some cities west of me have already seen over 4"! It's been steady here. Moderate rains so far, nothing has just dumped on us. But the storm is slow moving.

Not only rain, but we have been having seasonally appropriate temperatures. In the 90's. Almost down right chilly seeing that we have been 105F plus for over 35 days. And now this. . . Rain. Not just the few seconds that I saw last week. No, it has been a few hours.

Yes, I could go on and on about the rain. The coolness. The wetness. The pure pleasure of having it roll down your checks and across your lips as you just stand in it overwhelmed in pure awe. Small asked if he really had to go to school today. He wanted to play in the rain with me. It should still be raining tonight and tomorrow. We can play in the zombie moat, getting muddy then rinsing in the rains.

Our local weatherman was absolutely giddy this morning, and I shared that childish Christmas morning joy. Even my ladies are standing in it, rather than hiding in the barn. Sheep are a different story. They shrink in the rain. Must be uncomfortable, so I don't blame them for hiding from it.

Already this morning, I can see life reemerging in the dying vegetation. It's too late to save the garden, but Monday I should be able to get the fall and winter crops in. Even the chickens are chasing around the rain drops, and the turkeys are soaked through and through, for the first time in their short lives they are cooled off.

But here I am going on and on about it, when I should be out in it. A pleasure longed for, finally made reality.


Wet chicken


Lynda said...

How Wonderful! Thank Goodness...Enjoy!

Pamela said...

What a relief!

Phelan said...

Brrr. . . Rain is cold. Still doesn't dampen my spirits ;)

HermitJim said...

I'm glad you finally are getting some rain! Makes it nice not having to worry about fire, I'm sure!

Animals know how to take advantage of a rain shower!

Judy said...

No rain here in my part of the Flint Hills, yet.

I have been known to be a bad mother and let my kids skip school for such glorious occasions as going to the lake and learning how to skip rocks and drown worms. It didn't seem to hurt their status as honor roll students any and we had fun.

Jenny said...

We didn't get hardly a drop. Still dry down here, dusty, no help for the garden. Doesn't look like we will get any again. This is our regular story. I goes north or west or south or east of us usually.

Phelan said...

Oh no! I really don't mean to rub it in. It is suppose to blow up all of the State the next few days. I will keep my fingers crossed for you both.

kymber said...

enjoy that precious rain - rain is the most precious thing on the planet except for all of the other precious things on the planet!!! we have access to many different sources of water, but when it rains, i run out naked and do my rain dance and roll in the mud and always give thanks - rain is manna and ambrosia from the heavens and without it, we wouldn't have much. plus, it makes the river warmer. anything that makes the river warmer is a godsend (that river is still freakin freezing and it is August! August! you would think that river would be at least 65 degrees C by now but no - it's still freakin freezing! in August!?!?!?)

go run around in the moat, the mud and the rain for me!

your friend,

MamaHen said...

So glad ya'll are finally getting some rain!

Amy Dingmann said...

Ah, rain. So glorious! Completely worthy of Christmas like excitement! :)

(Found your blog while looking for how to butcher a hog. You really are the butchering queen, aren't you?)

Phelan said...

Mama tea welcome! Hahaha! Yes I seem to be. Many of my readers found me through looking for info on butchering.

It's still raining!

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