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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In an attempt to sell my Long-Legged Kerries

First, please allow me to say. . . Ugh. . . Thank you.

I have been trying to sell my year olds all summer. Alas! And woe-is-me. I have finally conceded that I will have to butcher as soon as autumn comes.

My attempt at selling them via Craigslist met with a whole lot of, "how old is he!?!" I had put in the ad that the mothers were all three feet in height. And that none of these bulls nor cows would be over four feet. (I had it in inches to begin with, but people tend not to clearly understand that) and that these year olds where about 100lbs. They are very small, healthy but small. We did have an issue with them going off their feed on the 110F days, but they are back to engorging themselves.

People are use to seeing huge beef cattle, and were getting upset by me claiming that these petite cows are a year old.


I have them priced on the cheap side of the Kerry listings.

For sale
Winnona 3yrs old

And I won't go any lower. I will make more money butchering them.

But with this drought, few are buying. The auctions are offering very little for weight.


Outdoor Kitchen said...

In spite of the drought and the seemingly slow sales, I still hope and pray you get to sell them (butchered or not).

Anonymous said...

wow, in reading about the Kerry cows, I cannot believe someone did not buy them, I would have if not in PA! I am really trying to stock up and get ahead of the impending fall I see in this country. I fear people are burying their heads in the sand, and have no idea how food prices are going to skyrocket. I am trying to be proactive. I planted a bigger garden, I want chickens, but think I will have to wait for after winter. I want a pig to raise up to butcher, my husband laughs at me. our township does not allow farm animals, but I have an acre, and the back half is under an apple orchard gone wild, I could hide a pig for nine or so months. and others around me have chickens, as long as I dont have a rooster I will be ok.Love the blog, and so wish I could get the cows!

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