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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Only 2 hours left in this 24 hour blogging thingymajigger

And I have only had 2 cups of coffee so far.

Husband got restless and went riding with some new buddies. New as in never went riding with them before, but have known them for years. He got home around 2am. It's all good though. He is taking me out when I wake up.

Let me thank some people first,

Kymber from Framboise Manor

Lynda from Cortina Creek Farms

Noelle from life's Everyday Adventure

Tanya and Amanda.

Thank you for keeping me all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

And thank you to the sponsors on the left sidebar. Be sure to check out their websites. I know corporate greed. But these guys stepped up. Several businesses didn't.

And thank you to everyone that has pledged and secretly donated to Companions for Heroes. Every little bit counts.


kymber said...

only 2 more hours honey and then you can hit the sack! i am glad that husband went out riding with some new friends - that's always great!

i'd like to thank your sponsors too - it was great of them all to step up!!! and i'd like to thank everyone who pledged - you couldn't have said it better - every, single, little bit helps and when we are helping veterans and saving animal's said it earlier. it's a twofer. i love twofers.

thanks for checking out my Canada Day post. i am a huge patriot to my country, i'll do anything for my country! and it means the world that you would stop by on Canada Day. thanks buddy!

Maxine said...

Told you I'd check back in before I left for work. Unfortunately - it's about all I have time for. So I won't win any give aways (the only GOOD jokes I know aren't fit to be printed on a PG-13 but I'm glad to have taken part. I'll hit up a few more people at work this morning and see if we can't scrape up a few more bucks for the donation.

Phelan said...

Oh Maxine, thank you so much. I forgot to give you a shout out as well. You have helped me a lot! Have a day!

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