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Sunday, July 01, 2012

After midnight give-a-way

Today is Canada Day. So go hug a Canadian!


The super secret grown up prize is. . . Something Husband wants.

No, stop bringing the sheep up. I seem to have lost the photo of the prize.

A package of rachet tie downs!

We love them here. And I mean love. We use them for all kinds of projects. We wear them out.

So our mysterious Canadian Sponsor would like you to pick a number between 1 - 100.

1 comment:

kymber said...

oh yes, please, go hug a Canadian - bahahahahahahha!

oh Phel - i am super-tired as you must also be. but this is the funniest post that you have put up tonight!

my jambaloney loooooooves ratchet tie downs just like your hubby!

i am picking the number 99 because i love 9's. but if i win, then i want the prize to go to whoever has left the most comments during your blogathon!

not long now, hon and then we can hit the sack!

your friend,

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