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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why so many posts Phelan?

I am glad you asked.

pledge drive for pets2vets

Every year I choose a charity to do a pledge drive for. We are currently in the 6 1/2 hour mark in a 24 hour event. I will be posting 49 times!

Why am I doing this?

First I think charities need the little people. We know the little known charities and can help bring awareness to what they are doing.

Now companions for heroes is an incredible charity. People are always coming up with different ways to help our vets, this one is right up there with great ideas.

You know that bond you have with your cat or dog? You know how they cheer you up when things are going all rotten? This charity helps vets and civilian heroes that have PTSD by pairing them up with shelter animals that have been trained as companion animals.

A twofer! Find out more about this charity by clicking over to their website companions for heroes

I never see your money, only take your pledges, here>>> you donate directly to the charity.

school fundraising ideas



kymber said...

i get accused of being a positive-minded person quite regularly....not that i don't have a negative side - i do - but i truly believe that when you put yourself out there for a good reason - the karma will come back tenfold!

i have been "wish-thinking" that you would hit the $1,000 dollar mark since you announced your charity - it is a wonderful charity and yes - us little people can help!

so i am going to keep wish-thinking for the rest of the day. and i am going to try my best to be here for you. and to be here for all of the heroes - both animal and human.

your friend,

Maxine said...

Just got home from work and had to scroll back to see what I missed. I got $15.00 more at work tonight so I've got $40.00 more going into the charity. Unfortunately, I deposited it to my savings account (which is not hooked to Paypal) so I'll have to wait until Monday to make the switch and the donation but I PROMISE it'll be there....:)

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