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Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's noon here. Time for a cupa giveaway

Beth from the blog Red Barn Farm has graciously donated a very cool box.

Donation includes: 3 bags of apple mint teas, 2 bags of lemon balm tea, stamped tea towel with our logo, 4 small candles (pastel colors). All our teas are grown on our 1 acre farm and are all natural ( we don't qualify for organic label) but everything is pesticide free.

A huge Thank You to Beth and the Red Barn Farm for this lovely raffle item.

Caption contest

well, he had a good thanksgiving

Best caption for this photo will win. Medium and Small will be judging. You have four hours. 4pm central time.


kymber said...

MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!!!! i want that box of stuff from Beth!!!

my caption:

"Dan. a cat. and a pilgrim hat."

your friend,

jambaloney said...

"i thought is was a pirate hat... i thought it would come with a parrot - dang!!"

Hidden Haven Homestead said...

How much longer do I have to be a slave to this cat and wear this stupid hat?????? I have rights ya know.

Yart said...

As long as Dan wears the magic hat the spirit demon can dance!

Humble wife said...

Debuting on Thanksgiving 2012 The Pilgrim and the Puss~A modern twist on a boring day of stuffing and land grabbing.

Actor Thom Cat says he is totally thrilled to be given billing alongside his human coworker Bob Barker(not the be confused with Bob Barker of the Price is Right), who will star as the pilgrim.

Thom is quoted as saying "Meow this is what the world is about, a place where animals and humans can live together and we can give thanks!"

Amanda said...

A Pilgrim Cat!

Robbyn said...

"The party was awesome. At some point in the evening, Dan thought he would model his new biker helmet and fur coat..."

Phelan said...


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