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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have you ever had to call the police or fire department?


Oh, you want me to tell you why.

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DFW said...

Oh yes.

Around Jan. 1985. It was forecasted to be in the 20's in NE FL. We didn't have heat for the whole house, only a wood stove, set where a fireplace would be.

Put extra wood in the fire, went to dinner w/In Laws, came home & put more wood on fire.

Got up around 7:00a the next morning & it had gotten to 19 degrees. Put more wood on fire & hunkered down w/a book. Around 11:00a I noticed smoke where smoke shouldn't be. Realized that chimney was on fire - yikes!!!!

We called 911 & In-Laws (they only live about 100 yards up the road). Husband literally broke through a back wall & doused the huge flames (by now), with water from a water hose & saved the house before fire dept. got there. They said it would have probably been too far gone before they arrived.

We still live in that house, just don't use the wood stove any more.

We want to take it out & take it to the Country House (in an open stove fire burning situation, instead of fireplace situation), but damn if it isn't heavy. Will find a way though.

Phelan said...

Oh my!

Maxine said...

Yes and yes. Police were called to remove my older brother from the home after he sucker punched my dad. I made the call - I was 11 or 12 at the time. Fire department when a neighbor's trash/leaf pile fire got completely out of control and headed my way. It was a volunteer fire department and he refused to call because he thought they would send him a bill for putting the fire out. *sigh* Idiots are

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