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Sunday, April 01, 2012

No foolin today

It's early evening as I write this to you. I am exhausted, sunburnt, and there could possibly be blood dried somewhere under the caked on mud. I am sitting under a rapidly leafing maple, trying to cool off from this absurdly summer day visiting us so early in April. I hear it told that we will see 60's in a day. An actual spring would be most welcome as I am tired of living in a famine time.

The farmers around me say they too are done with this struggled survival we have had to live in for a year now. Many will lose everything if more rain doesn't arrive soon.

Winston ( bull ) put on a show for good neighbor, enough to scare the scream out of him. I see good neighbor running through the field, yelling and Winston trying to get him to play. I told good neighbor not to chase him like that, and I got a scowl in return. Winston is by no means out to get you. He wants to play, he gets all excited and kicks his heels up in the air. His head swing is because they have a blind spot directly in front of them, he has to, to be able to see where someone is. I had to save good neighbor. Winston, my spoiled baby, bellowed as good neighbor walked away, then licked my face and waited to be scratched. I think he really hoped that good neighbor would have been his new playmate, but it was not to be.

I spent several hours yesterday, hot fencing the field. A quarter of a mile worth of wire later, I have a very upset Urth (cow) and a sun burn. Urth walked right up to the wire. She has seen it before, but not this shinny, brand new wire, and zapped her. She has stopped talking to me, for now.

Before I forget, Yart, your namesake (calf) has warmed up well to us. And now follows us around, bellowing, wanting to fist bump. ( her nose to our fist. She bumps we wait) no scratching yet however.

I sit here and begin to drift off. I have to stay awake however as I have more work to do before darkness swallows the yard.

We planted several trees, and propagated several apricot trees. Strawberry beds are done, and the garden is ready to be sowed. The onions were replanted and fenced in to keep the free rangers from pulling them up yet again.

I have dug, and fenced, been stuck in the mud and lost a shoe, I have tended to delicate plants, and been bitten by a chicken. Been rabbit kicked, and bum rushed, sunburned and calloused. Bee buzzed, tangled, smoked out, and pooped on. And I couldn't be happier that it's spring.


Carolyn said...

I don't think I blame your good neighbor for not wanting to be a playmate to a offence :)

Yart said...

That is great that my namesake is starting to like you guys... LOL! Hopefully, she will realize soon that scratches are a good thing!

Phelan said...

No offense Carolyn. I blame it on Husband, those two are always rough housing. When Winston was a calf, Husband would crawl around and they would push on each other. Winston is now a very large, scary baby.

Yart, not much longer I think. She is warming up younger then most the others have. Oh, and she has these tiny little horns. Too cute. I will try to remember to get pics for you tomorrow.

Unknown said...

thanks for the warm post, needed it today.

Anonymous said...

We haven't had much more than rain here. I wish we could share with each other. We'd love some of your sun.

HermitJim said...

Getting a fair amount of rain down here in Houston so far this Spring! Should be better than the drought we had last season.

My roses are sure loving it!

small farm girl said...

Don't ya love it!!!!!?????

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