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Monday, March 12, 2012

Keeping in Touch

It is starting to warm up here in the great State of Kansas. We had some spring storms the last few days, hopefully this will end our current drought.

Lambing season has began. We have 2 new girls in the group. Waiting on a few more to drop.

Husband went and got himself a boxblade and has started his moat project.

Zombies ain't gettin' in here.

A few plants are growing in the box. And we start lazy bedding the potatoes next week. Besides the traditional lazy bed, I thought I would give the potato tire planting a try. My reds seem to struggle in the traditional lazy bed, so switching it up might help.

All my cool weather veggies (except potatoes) have been planted. 

We have 4 bronze turkeys and 5 whites brooding in the porch bunker. Seems to work out perfectly, the dirt floor seems to help regulate their heat better than the mobile home floor. 

We have also discovered that our free range hens love being underground to lay their eggs. Odd story, however we have been find eggs in a dugout. Husband had thought about doing something like this years ago, and after seeing this, he is now determined to build mini bunkers for the hens. We shall see.

Hope you all are doing well.


HossBoss said...

What is meant by 'lazy bedding' potatoes?

Phelan said...

Hi Hossboss, lazy bed for potatoes is a wide mound of dirt. You slice you seed potatoes and place them on top of the soil mound. Do not bury them with dirt. Cover the seed potatoes with a foot of straw, wet down to keep the straw from flying about. Come fall when it is time to harvest, move the straw and there are all your potatoes, no digging required.

HossBoss said...

Wow ...sounds like a great method to me if it works. I like easy!

Michelle said...

Great to see you again! My hens love to lay their eggs behind the goats' manger... up in the rafters of the barn... in the rabbits' nest boxes (not in hutches, of course, but if I leave one on top of the hutch?)... in corners of the garage. Why, exactly, did I bother to build nest boxes JUST for the hens???

Phelan said...

same problem here. However I do seem to have 6 hens to will lay in their boxes, just would be nice to get the other 20 to do the same.

Landscape Design said...

Lazy bedding the potatoes seems like a great way of growin' them. In any case, you seem all set for the season.

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