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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken Butchering (a tutorial for my little bro)

I got a text earlier today with a request for step by step instruction for butchering a chicken. First, CONGRATS to my little brother for making this leap into simple living! His text informs me that I am too heavy on commentary, and that since I have been doing this for awhile I should update and just do the basic, no mess ups, post. Like there isn't any mistakes, bah! Go read a magazine little bro! So here you go, the simple, no mistakes, no babbling post on Chicken butchering (I do write from your requests)

1. get a chicken
2. get a stump
3. hammer two nails into stump, 1 inch apart in a V shape (people use different methods, this is mine)
4. boil a very large pot of water.
5. clean hatchet or sharp knife
6. grab chicken, lull it on its back, it will calm down
7. place chickens neck between the nails
8. gently pull its legs to stretch the neck slightly
9. cut head off. (some birds will violently thrash about, some don't)
10. hang bird by feet and allow it to bleed out. (until blood thickens up and almost stops dripping)

11. If plucking
11a. Dip bird in water, swish around for 30 seconds.
11b, pull off feathers

12. if skinning
12a.gut first, cut the skin under the ribs and between legs Y shape, guts removed, slit skin up the chest, peel skin off

13. Gut
13a. cut a Y shape above the vent. carefully.
13b. cut around the vent, removing the tail as you do this (gland in tail)
13c pull out guts and organs

14. find the crop in the birds upper chest (usually between the top of the ribs, does move)
14a. crop will be right under skin, if not skinning, carefully cut down the neck, exposing the meat. Find crop, and pull out (will need to detach it with you fingers breaking the membrane that holds it in place)

15, remove legs where the color changes (cutting at the joint, then breaking) Bend the foot down as far has capable, exposing as much tendon as possible before cutting it at an angle.  
16. trim up the neck area to your liking
17. wash the bird inside and out
18. pat dry
19. place in fridge over night to rest. freeze next day or cook.

Text me if you need me little bro.


DW said...

Pics or vid to go with that and that would be a cool how to :)

Phelan said...

Next time we butcher, I will update this post with pics.

Angela said...

I know I don't comment much on your site, but I tagged you in my latest blog post. Stop by if you'd like to check it out.

Stephen said...

Great method, beats my old wring their necks way of doing it...

Bobby said...

2 nails in a V-shape? Meaning they are angled towards/away from each other?

Phelan said...

yes Bobby. That is correct.

Gordon Rigg said...

Being a Vegetarian I read your post on chicken butchering with interest! Disgust but interest! Know I know why i'm a vegetarian!

Gordon Rigg said...

Being a Vegetarian I read your post on chicken butchering with interest! Disgust but interest! Know I know why i'm a vegetarian!

Phelan said...

I was a Vegan for most of my life. I know how disgust with these tutorials works. No longer a vegan and been raising my own food for the past 10 (almost 11) years, I have a better relationship with my food then I ever did. (my experience)

Dan The Gardener said...

Very detailed post. It gives me an idea on how to butcher a chicken. I learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing :-)

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