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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rainy Day? Good time to prep for preserving

Spring in the Heartland means storms, lots and lots of storms. You can use these days to catch up on your neglected housekeeping as the garden has kept you a bit too preoccupied for such mundane things, or you can forgo all of that and begin some preparation for your up coming fruit and berry harvest.

Simple Syrup is a staple to making just about anything out of your berries. You can find my directions on how to make it here>>> The Secret to Simple Living? Simple Syrup.

Strawberries shall be plucked soon, and simple syrup helps preserve them in various ways, you can make pop, pancake syrup, preserves and some very fancy dinner sauces.

It's good to keep on hand for real sweet tea.

I love using it for my pears, making lilac syrup, and for peaches. The uses are just about limitless. Canning is no biggy, as you will replace the simple syrup later with the flavorings you add to it.

Oh it just started raining here.


esp said...

How did I miss that post with all the lilac recipes?! We have three or four large old lilac bushes in our backyard and live down the street from a park filled with hundreds. I'll be making lilac syrup and lilac sugar for sure this year!

Phelan said...

I think that the author of My freezer is full (I hope that is who it was, it's been awhile) made the lilac Jelly and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair.

At the top of my blog, there is a page labeled recipes. All of the recipes that I have posted over the years can be found there. Some you have to scroll down to find.

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