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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wow, that's a heck of a lot of mistakes!

In May I will have been blogging here for 5 years. And in October we will have been at the Neophyte homestead for 10 years. That's a lot of thing to record and talk about.

I have decided to have random give-a-ways. To thank my readers and just cuz. But you will have to be on your toes, and pay attention.

Ashley in Nebraska won my Jelly and Jams recipe book in yesterday's contest. "Jam on the Range" Congrats! What? there was a contest? Yes there was, it was listed in the comments section. Told ya, you got to pay attention ~insert evil laugh here~



Phelan said...

everyone's rushing to check comments now. :D No worries there will be more contest for the feed readers (as the feed runs a day late) and facebook readers that don't see comments from here.

SkippyMom said...

You know I always leave a comment - but I hardly ever read all the others.

I get too anxious to put in my say :D.

Congrats on five years - that is awesome. Glad you have been here and we are friends.

Hugs my friend.

Phelan said...

I know you do. And so do a few others. That's why I left the contest in comments. To give you guys the first shot at winning something

Rivenfae said...

congrats and great achievement on your milestone!

mallardhen said...

5 years must have gone by rather quickly as busy as you must have been. Living on a farm is an awsome life been there for 22 years and loved every day of it wish I were there still. Mallardhen

Vicki said...

Lurker here--so what did you end up naming him? I liked the last suggestion--Yikes--myself--LOL!

HermitJim said...

5 years is a long time! Nice to see you stuck it out to show the rest of us just how it's done!

I've certainly been inspired by your efforts...and entertained by your post!

Keep up the good work for many years to come!

Wendy said...

Congratulations on five great years! I think I remember the early years on the Neophyte Homestead. Wow! It sure has been a journey, hasn't it?

FancyHorse said...

Wow, five years blogging and 10 years homesteading! Congratulations to you and your family!

(You'll have to stop calling yourself a neophyte, though!)

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