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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wedding update

What you have bought me;

I won a bid on a corsetwhich will be dyed a light blue. oh and a small bottle of metallic silver demi hair dye.

I am hoping to win this cloak. But my hopes aren't too high, as some of the cloaks are going very high. Although some stay a good low price.

The reason I want a cloak? Well I don't think I am getting the dress. And the dresses I am finding are way too expensive. I will probably dye a white broom skirt to go with the corset. See my mother and I had a big blow out. And I mean big. She insulted husband and I to the point that it will be very difficult to forgive her. And the woman that was going to make my dress is a friend of my mother's. So. . . I guess I am on my own.

~sigh~ If only I could sew.

My brother's girlfriend made the invites. She included a poem from Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. I love it!

We have a band for the wedding as well. When Husband asked his friend to the best man, not only did he agree but volunteered the band. Which is fine with us, because the band was being invited any how, we have known them all for 14 or more years.

Looks like we have a youth pastor from a local evangelic church that is all about Halloween. We had asked a client of husband's to do it, but he only preaches he says. And then he offered up the youth pastor. Hope the guy knows what he is in for. I wanted a preacher to make it more legit in the eyes of husband's family. Otherwise we were going to either have my brother or Hooter do it as we already have the paperwork signed. I know, my wedding, shouldn't have to make others happy, but this is something I want.


Kelle said...

Love that cloak, hope you win it! It's going to be so much fun watching this all pull together into a beautiful wedding.:o)

Sorry to hear about your Mom and the blowup. I can atest it is NOT fun dealing with family sometimes*sigh* Parents are especially hard, at least for me anyway. One lesson I HAVE learned is that I am NOT responsible for their happiness or actions, they are.
Can't wait to see your wedding photos :o)

Before The Dawn said...

That cloak is gorgeous! I hope you win!

Phelan said...

it is isn't it? I am watching several others, all different colors. Right now this one is $0.06 with $10.00 shipping. Not bad at all (2 bids) but has 5 days left. Some of the others are up to $17 -$45.

TeeJay said...

Phelan - how about let us know when the cloak gets towards the end of the 5 days, how many bids are up and what the highest bid is. Maybe some of us can pool together and help you get it.

I mean it's certainly for a great cause, right? :)

Or perhaps one of us can make one for you? I'm an amateur sewer and am not sure I'd be good enough at it, but I'd certainly be willing to pitch in to buy the material...

Kyddryn said...

Whew...I hope you get the cloak for the $.06!

I wish we were neighbors - I could make you one for the cost of the fabric. I must have sewn together fifty of those this summer for a friend's business, and it's a bit time consuming (and occasionally irritating, as pane is slippery, stretchy, and has an attitude) but not at all difficult.

I'm sorry you and your mum are at odds - that's never a nice place to be. I hope things are resoved quickly...

Shade and Sweetwater,

SkippyMom said...

Wow - that is awfully inexpensive for a cloak [even at $45 plus shipping] because the material alone is that much [b/c of the amount of fabric in one] But it would be nice to see you get it for 6 cents plus s/h. Good thoughts for you.

Have you looked at wedding gowns on there? Because I know they sell so many different kinds [gothic, medieval, etc.] and they don't run that expensive either. [I wish I lived closer I would sew it for you.]

I am happy you found someone "appropriate" [that seemed silly, no offense] to marry you but the thought of someone named Hooter marrying you & hubs? Priceless. I vote Hooter.

Thanks for the updates - can't wait to see/hear more. YAY!

Phelan said...

I doubt I will get it for six cents, but it would be nice huh?

I have looked at gowns, and for me they are too pricey (remember the budget of $1.25?) most start bids at $50. That's why the cloak would be nice, if kept at a low price. I keep looking though, just in case.

lol, blogger didn't auto log me in, my word is "jackeyed"

Anonymous said...

The Law of Murphy may seem to be around, but you will be just fine. Things don't need to go as planned, you can have a wonderful time if you just declare you're going to do so. I would have gone nuts on our Day if I had expected things to go as I wanted. They didn't! It was a wonderful day.

VADutchman said...

I'm going with SkippyMom on this one - youth pastor with a love of Halloween is fine, but I just don't see how you could even THINK of lettng the opportunity of saying that you were hitched by a guy named Hooter pass you by! :D

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