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Sunday, August 15, 2010

mixed blessings?

Lets begin when my laptop decided to stop charging, I lost all my work, novels, pictures. . . big pc decides to factory reset all by it's lonesome, lost everything.

I get a letter in the mail about our mortgage. They say it is late and I have to have 2 payments in within 5 days or we are default. I scrambled and was able to pay the entire amount. I have no money for the electric bill or propane. While I am away, electric company shows up demanding payment, husband was able to pay them. The electric company came 1 week early. So everything but propane has been taking care of, and I am depressed. I don't feel like talking to anyone. How did this happen? Because of the brain damage. . . well I blamed it on that. 2 days later another letter from the mortgage company, I have over paid. ~sigh~ I have to remember to check the postmarks on things, letters can run 2 weeks late here.

Phone breaks. I can text but not hear anyone and they can't hear me. I take it in, they of course can't fix it. Sucker me into buying a new phone. Bought the cheapest one I could get. Looks like a candy dispenser. I only need to have people hear me, and to be able to hear them. I don't need all the other fancy stuff.

I went to buy school supplies. Got what all I could find. Yes, the boys will stay in public school another year. I now have $9 to my name and not all the supplies needed.

Medium and small started school on Friday. I sent them off and curled up to read, having done all my chores before waking them. The phone rings, you know the one the looks like a candy dispenser, it's my mother.

"You have a problem, your cows are gone."


Lamb said...

Oh, hell, woman! You HAVE been put through the wringer!!!
Dare I ask...where are the cows?

SkippyMom said...

Hang strong Phelan - at least everything is paid up - you won't need the propane at least until fall - grilling and crockpotting works for meals - and who wants to heat up the house with a nasty stove anyway. [I know - hot water, see below]

And now you are ahead in your mortgage, so once Sept. rolls around you will be good. There will be a little extra there.

I know it is tough - I have been without a phone for almost 3 months [and we did entirely without gas for all of last summer [broken line] - cold showers SUCK, but we did it - you just have to] It does get easier and then you get thrown another curveball.

It's life - but you and I we deal and move on. Eh?

Sorry about the cows. They do seem to get loose a lot. Nasty buggers.

Phelan said...

You'll find out lamb

Skipy, 2 weeks without the phone. only reason I got it was because of the boys nd school. Went without propane last winter, so much fun. Just hve to wait another week and that will be good.

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