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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cows have left the building

The cows are gone.

Mother informed me that a man named Robby wants our bull out of his field. But she doesn't know a Robby, I don't know a Robby. And where are the cows?

I called husband, he will meet me there. This is when I am glad for the phone, husband doesn't get text at work, he doesn't have a cell. Large and I get into the car. My gas tank is on empty and I have $9 to my name. Both gas stations are closed in town, forcing me to drive into the city. I am able to get 3.4 gallons of gas. But it takes me half a tank to get to the farm and back. I go to start the car, and nothing. It won't start. I pop the hood and call me mother. A man asks what's wrong.

Battery I think



he makes the hand motions for jumper cables, I look, and there are none. He gets some pliers and a knife out, another man approaches, and the car starts 5 minutes later. Gracious!

3.4 gallons of gas to make it 60 miles. ~sigh~

Who is this Robby?

Large and I get up to the farm, we slowly drive around, trying to spy out the cattle. Nothing. I meet husband on the road. My stepfather isn't there. But he knows more people here than I do, I thought mom said he would be hear. We knock on the door of the farmer across the street from us, no answer. I meet the Amish house cleaner of another, she hasn't seen the cows. Husband takes large on the bike and goes out into our fields, nothing. We go 2 miles down the road to talk to Earl.

Earl says Sam has our bull, the cows have been sleeping under the cotton woods next to Paul's place. But Sam isn't home, we told him. Earl knows this, Sam is at the auction. Hearts sink, cows were spotted 2 days ago. Sam has a rep for selling other people's cattle that happen to wonder onto his property. Husband is furious, I want to bawl.

We march for hours, but I have to get home because Small and medium will be coming home from school soon.

The gate was pulled in. Cows don't pull they push, someone had left the gate opened.

I found out the I can drive 30 minutes on E. I also found out what a severe case of heat stroke really feels like. It was 105F as we looked for the cows, 109F by the time I made it home.


Laurie said...

holy cow! sorry, when I thought this I honestly wasn't going for a pun.

goatlady said...

sending good vibes your way.

Rivenfae said...

I pray things start turning around for you and yours.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a terrible day! Have you found them yet? I sure hope so! How can he just sell cattle that wander onto his property? Seems like I was told they have to go unclaimed for a certain length of time before he can sell them? (was it 30 days, I can't remember) I don't think it can possibly be legal for him to immediately sell cattle that are not his without notifying the sheriff dept.

mizdeb said...

I know you don't like it but where is your donate button? I've been blessed and you are having hell. Let me help a little. Also, get with the auction barn and see what was sold. At least you may be able to get your money back. We have cattle (250 head plus bulls) here in Texas. If any one had pulled this crap down here it would be very bad news!!!!

Janelle said...

How horrible. Please update soon, I hope you get your cows back. :(

HermitJim said...

I hope it all works out, my friend!

Felinae said...

Wow! I hope things right themselves soon.

SkippyMom said...

I don't know what to say Phelan. I will send good thoughts that they get back to you soon.

Take care [and as mizdeb said] where is your donate button?

Tess P. said...

Hey, I was hoping for your typical light humored blog. I hope things turn around for you guys. Let's hope your neighbor has a change of heart.

Phelan said...

thanks for your concern and thoughts. Things will work out, read the next post.

Phelan said...

Thanks you mizdeb. I took my donate button down, I do that whenever I talk about money. I feel odd with it up sometimes. We are ok with money right now. I am ahead on all bills except for one, and that will be paid monday.

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