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Monday, July 12, 2010

Yesterday I knew it all

All that I was going to say today, but now. . . not so sure.

The flooding has damaged half our tomato plants. I am really hopeful that we can pull them out of this.

The neighbor across the way. . . I want to wash my hands of this whole ordeal. It has gotten ridiculous. They have been coming out daily to care for the sheep. So there, lie number one. A panic phone call from them claiming that they couldn't care for them. Husband was mowing yesterday. And (ready for this, stay with me now) the mother of the son that the grandparents have adopted (the grandparents are the neighbors across the way) is sleeping with a man that wants the sheep. She stopped husband while he was mowing and said someone else will do it.

Why can I not get a phone call? I have spent time and money. I am about done being a good neighbor.

Husband is off to pick up Brian. Then we will be taking the cows out to the farmstead. YES! You indeed read that correctly. A month behind schedule, but we are moving the cows.

And I plan on picking sand plums while out there.


SkippyMom said...

Wish you the best on moving the cows. I don't know what is up with the neighbor Grandparents - why would they give the sheep to the errant daughter's "boyfriend" when you will assuredly take better care of them? Ridiculous!

More sand plum jam perhaps? :)

Eyehaightewe Gofuqurcelph said...

Those kind of "property" situations suck, Phelan, and I hate to say it, but it may be easier in the long run just giving the sheep back to the "good" neighbors.

Property disputes are not fun. As a teenager we had some neighbors who put a fence on our property. It took hiring a lawyer and dealing with threats (words, axes, guns) from the neighbors before it was finally resolved. In our case, we had to hire a lawyer because it was a legal property line that was in dispute, but in your case, giving the sheep back would protect you from any bullshit that may be in store. It sucks that you will have spent time, money and resources on these animals, but at the same time, chalk it up to a learning experience. You will know next time not to reach out to help them again.

The thing that really breaks my heart is the fact that I felt like you were rescuing these animals from a possibly neglectful situation. Giving them back puts the sheep at risk (especially if neighbor's daughter's BF wants the sheep...does he even know how to take care of them? have a place for them?).

If, down the road, they decide once again that they cannot take care of the sheep, then get them to sign a legally-binding document (like a bill of sale), signed by a notary public releasing rights to you for the sheep. That way if they try to take them back again, then all you have to do is make a quick call to the sheriff and let them know you have rustlers trying to take your animals.

Yay for moving cows, and I hope your tomato plants come out okay.

Love your blog!

*Found an online tool for writing up a bill of sale:

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