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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to herd other peoples cattle

Husband was on his way home from work the other night. As he worked his way up the dirt roads, he saw cows milling around in the distance. He was going to turn the corner to head home, but thought better of it. There were cattle in the road, and in the corn field.

Slowly he rode the motorcycle up behind them, gaining their attention. They grouped together in protection, and husband slowly puttered toward them. The in turn, slowly walked up the road until the got to the opening in the fence they had escaped from.

All but one went through. The one stood in the ditch, eyeballing husband and the motorcycle. Husband reved the bike, and the cow jumped and ran back to her herd.


The Fool said...

That works as well as a Heeler does. Still have to feed 'em both. Hi Phelan! :)

Phelan said...

Fool! Ah you don't know the smile that crossed my face when I saw your name in my email box.

How have you been? You have been missed.

HermitJim said...

That's certainly one way to "get 'er done!".

DH sounds like a pretty quick thinking guy to me!

The Fool said...

Doing well, Phelan. Long strange trip; still on two feet. Back in Fairbanks. Back in blogworld (finally replacing the machine ReDoubt plugged with ash). I posted a pic for you yesterday (Farm Chic on GMG). Thought you'd appreciate. :)

FancyHorse said...

That got the job done! Good for him, I guess he plugged up their escape route, too.

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