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Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Push

This is my last push before tomorrows Blogathon.

Saturday morning, at 8 am I will begin my 24 hours of blogging. In the past I have done a homesteading Q&A, the ABC's of food, cooked and taught bread making, and cowboy lore and songs. This year I have decided to write a story. There will be breaks for the give-a-ways. Hopefully some of you will stop by to cheer me on. I will need it come early Sunday morning.

I am blogging for The Downed Bikers Association. They are not a prevention group. There sole purpose is to help motorcyclists that have been in an accident. I see this as a way to say thank you to the biker / motorcycle enthusiast community for all their charity work they have done over the years. From Toy runs, to The Patriot Guard, from saving a community fundraisers, to child abuse prevention.

They have quietly helped out our communities, you only hear their pipes, but they do this, and many people still see them as horrible, dirty people.

I wish I could introduce you to the guys that hang out in the shop. Most are Veterans. Mainly Koren war, Vietnam, and the first Gulf war. Though we have are suspicions on what war some of the older gentlemen were in. They will give you the shirt off their backs if they thought you might need it. If anything ever happened to any of these guys, we would indeed hold a Poker Run to help their families.

The Downed Bikers only works in 2 States, but have traveled before. If you are interested in Starting your own Chapter, get in contact with them. It's also more the reason to get the word out about them. To raise money for them to help them expand and help as many families as they can.

We have Associations to help DUI victims, car crashes, and the such. This is the only group that is dedicated to help motorcycle victims. Be it there fault or not. Majority of the time is isn't the riders fault. You see our brains don't process certain things. We have a blind spot so to speak when it comes to motorcycles. Many that hit riders swear they never saw them, and in part that is true. If we haven't trained our brains to see them, then we don't. And that causes many fatalities in the riding community. I highly suggest everyone takes a motorcycle safety course. Even if you never ride, you will at least know they are out there.

The Downed Bikers are not a political group. They have nothing to do with anything but helping others. They are also an IRS recognized Charity. So you can write them off on your taxes.

You can donate directly to the Organization, as in buying a membership or a Koozie (as I can't seem to find a donation button)

If you do, please let me know. Sign the pledge and you will be entered to win the roadRunner Magazines goody bag, worth $50. Even if you don't ride, you can always give it to some one for a present.

Sign my pledge at PledgeBank

Please help me out. This is the only time a year that I raise money for charity online. After this, You won't hear a peep until next year. If you choose to place one of the 3 banners I have, up on your blog, please let me know and you could win your choice of t-shirts from Crazy Dog T-shirts.

I will be back tomorrow with the links to where you can go to help me stay awake, and where you can find the voting on the 2 names for the cow.

Thank you to everyone that has been playing along and helping me out. It makes me feel better about so many things.

See you tomorrow, 8 am central time!

I never see your money!

And remember there are other 'thonners out there. Go to this facebook page and see if there is another charity you would like to help.


Wendy said...

I have never thought of bikers as bad people. In fact, most of the people I know who ride motorcycles are just regular folks - like me.

Anyway, you were mentioning some of the services that bikers perform for the communities, and I thought of this one. Let me just say that riding a bike from Maine to Virginia in December is no joke. They pass by my house every year, and I drag my kids out of our warm house and, often, trudge through the snow so that we can wave to them as they pass by. It's incredible, and I cry every year. In the past few years, it's actually been snowing on the day they pass by ... on their bikes with the wreaths. So incredible!

And, Kudos to you, Phelan, for putting the word out. Share the road, right?!

Phelan said...

I wish more people thought like you Wendy. You have seen the photos of Husband here, people will pull their kids closer to them when he is around, lawyers won't talk to him, but to me while he is standing there (long story, nothing illegal on our part, and it was husband's lawyer) They always move away from us, or stare. And I have a great story about getting kicked out of Eskimo Joes Restaurant (we did nothing wrong but walk in with our leathers on)

Thanks for the link.

upinak said...

Phelan, I will try to come in tomorrow and keep youup and moving!

I was, once, a PGR State Capt. coupel years ago. I know what it is like... I still remember every ceremony, every funeral, every Blue to Gold Star parent. But I was not a "biker" I was just a normal person running it in my State working with the Biking Community. I am still known around my state and have people come up and give me hugs.

Good Luck.. and Good Coffee!

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