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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to stress out your wife

The boys and I roasted hot dogs over a campfire for dinner. Husband was stopping by our friend Hooter's house then headed out to the farm to check on the cows. We left the windmill running because the wind was rather non-existent. Have heard that some 2,000 cattle have died in the heat. That worries me a bit. But the girls (and the 2 little boys) seem to be fairing well at the farmstead.

I was reading and looked up at the tv. There was a severe storm North west of the homestead, too far from the farm to be a worry. I went back to my reading, and after a bit looked up again. There was a tornado warning over the farmstead. My heart sank. Husband was on the motorcycle. I called my mother first to see if she can pull up a more detailed view of the storm, try to pinpoint were it was exactly. Next I called Hooter to get a time line, when did he leave you house?

The news was saying 2 tractor trailers were flipped not far from the farmstead. Oh no! I paced a bit, and called my mother back. Husband isn't home by midnight, I am going out to look for him. That would give him 3 hours to get home. The storm however wasn't moving very fast. I hoped he holed up in the barn.

Husband returned home shortly before 10pm. Here is his story;

He made it out to the farm. The cows were thrilled to see him as always. Though X was missing. He found him laying in the tall grass after a bit. The windmill had done it's job and the tank was almost completely full. As he shut and locked down the windmill he saw dark clouds suddenly erupted in the sky. He thought it would be best to head home. He rode a little too fast on the dirt rodes, the bike slipping underneath him at times in some of the deeper gravel that has recently been placed down to fill in the wash outs that occurred in the storm we drove the cattle in. He slowed a bit, but the storm was looming closer.

Once on the pavement, the rain began. He kept looking in his mirrors because in was an almost constant flash of light reflecting in them, And the sun was setting in front of him, not to the rear. Something to his side caught his attention, his breath caught for a moment. There, not far from him was a debris cloud. He sped up hoping it wasn't coming his direction. The bike swayed underneath him, fighting the wind and wanting to lurch itself toward the debris cloud. He skirted the edge of the storm. Making it home safely and hardly even wet.

I ran out to greet him with a smoke and kisses. The a hit on the shoulder, don't ever do that to me again!

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SkippyMom said...

Whew. Close one. Glad he is safe and sound.

Felinae said...

I'm glad he made it home safe and sound.
But, Wow! Phelan, 2 scares in less than a week! I would be completely gray after that. I'm thinking maybe it's good thing that I had a girl and that Catman rarely goes out. LOL!

Have a good day

HermitJim said...

Glad he made it safely home, and that all the critters were good!

had to be a scary storm, that's for sure!

upinak said...

dang... talk about a close call.

Phelan... you and your hubby crack me up. I was looking through you blog at how you and your hubby and friend butchered the pig and goat (I like to see how others field dress) and I about died laughing at the rocky image.

You alway have a good sense of humor. :) that is very important. Your blog is great and I am actually learning a lot about goast and chickens. Thanks.

Phelan said...

Upinak, glad you are finding useful info here. I find it is very important to have a sense of humor when dealing with this lifestyle. Otherwise you are just bitter ;)

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