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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I am Batman

Well that was what I told my husband as I walked away from him with a utility belt hanging from my hips.

Saturday was a pleasant day. Husband got off work early to attend horse neighbors going away party. I was surprised that we were the only friends invited, everyone else was family. I hit it off with Horse neighbor's father, just happened to know that he was wearing a wedding shirt. However I said Panamanian,because I have those, his was actually Philippines. Then horse neighbor's brother and I started talking. We seemed to have hit it off, and turns out he lives not too far from the farmstead. Wonderful, now I know someone out there.

Sunday we didn't make it to the farm as usual. Instead we had to pull T-post from the homestead ground to be used at the farmstead. I also discovered Saturday that I have the persuasion of price. I went to buy a roll of fence. Got to the counter, told the lady what I wanted, and then told her I wanted it for a certain price. She gave it to me for that price. When I went to load out, I discovered that I paid $20 less than it was listed for. hhhmmm. . . next time I'll try for $30 less and see what happens.

We made it to the farmstead late in the day Monday. We had to wait and talk to the Sheriff officers before we headed out. There has been an increase in odd behaving people in front of our home as of late. And yesterday was the line in the sand and I called the cops. I don't know what all these people are doing but when they are trespassing and parking and staring I start to get a bit paranoid. I think they are more interested in the neighbor across the ways place, still something needed to be done.

The Sheriff's out here enjoy following Husband around. They have told him it is because he doesn't look like he belongs here. One even claimed to have never seen him in the area before, Husband politely told him that we have lived out here for 10 years. Want to talk profiling, I got plenty of stories about husband

I digress, we made it to the farm and set to work on the fencing. 1320 ft of fencing is now up and finished. I ended up with a humidity triggered migraine. I wasn't pleasant to be around, but I kept working. We stretched the fence, tightening it up, then Husband fitted the utility belt around my hips. Not only was I Batman, but I could kill an attacking cougar with my claw hammer, or so I proclaimed as I marched off into the wilderness, at twilight, to secure the fence to the posts. The grass was chest high, yellow flowers bursting from their tops, and smoke like pollen whisked around me as I pushed my way through. Yes, I think the cows will like it there.

I listened to the fawns bark for their mothers, the bull frogs were out calling to each other, and turkeys could be heard laughing in their gobble gobble way. If it wasn't for the ticks and mosquitoes, twilight would have been wonderful as we finished our work.

Husband and I ate thumb sized mulberries off the trees as we walked by them. The older trees have sweeter fruit we have discovered. The boys gathered a jug full, then ran off to the creek.

Hopefully this weekend we will be able to split the heard, and the adventures at the farmstead shall truly begin.


HermitJim said...

Love the description of the weekend! Always a good read!

I can just see you with that utility belt on...makes me grin, for sure!

SkippyMom said...

M too! I love the stories of going to the farm. But watch those Good 'ol boy sherriffs. We dealt with them in our old place and it is a network of nepotism and payoffs - ridiculous.

I have never heard of a humidity triggered migrane - but all that pollen would get mine going. [and I don't have allergies!]

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Never a dull moment, eh?


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