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Monday, March 15, 2010

Zombie Gone Wild


We headed out to the farmstead today. I am tired and dirty and tired and sore. A lot of things happening there. Husband fixed the leaky roof.

Mom and I scraped off 2365 layers of wall paper. Mom wants the place pretty. I can see why, though not a priority for me, but it does need to be done. So I do it without complaining, right mom?

Husband also chopped wood. We only have the wood burning stove for heat there. No electricity. He also fixed several gates, found a few rolls of fencing and T posts, coils of barbwire and cleaning up the cattle run. he was busy.

The boys found some bottle by our creek.

and Small mop the sidewalk.


And Zombie peed all over my lap on the way home. He just kept right on sleeping.

We head back out there tomorrow


Donna said...

I love old bottles! I'm glad to see you had sunshine; our sunshine didn't show up until about 3 PM.

Kelle said...

Great collection of bottles, love the blue one!

We are taking one dag and our cat for their rabies shots today( required by MT state law) and the cat will be wearing a diaper, yep tried taking her three years ago wrapped in a blanket and she pee'd right through it, the three years before that we took her in a crate and she pee'd and poo'ed( lovely to have to ride with that smell, NOT!) Thus the reason for the diaper this year*sigh* I'll just be glad when we're home.*wink*

Kelle said...

sorry, it's one dog!

kath said...

Just curious. If you don't have electricity and there's a creek nearby, have you looked into hydropower? We just started looking into it for our house. As long as the creek is flowing, we would have electricity. Not sure about costs yet, but I did hear that it's way cheaper than solar or any of the other alternative energies, and supposedly you can install it yourself. The nice thing is that there's no monthly electric bill and you don't have to tie into a grid.

Phelan said...

Kath, I would get more power with gerbils. :D It is a lazy creek, only time we get good moving water is during a flash flood. Otherwise we would consider it. We do have many underground streams and will be using it to deal with our refrigeration problems.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a good day spent out on the farmstead...lots of family time together!

Thanks for the pictures and the update!

Rivenfae said...

Looks like you all had a very fun day Zombie too! those bottles could be handy for storing things in them too.

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