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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get it!

I have pictures that I wanted to share, but alas! I can't find my cord to download them. So I shall tell you a story.

Tuesday evening, before twilight fell, husband arrived home. The cattle mooing their greeting and informing him that hay was needed. Our bull Undies is going through puberty, or at least his baleful mooing reminds one of the Brady Bunch episode where (Peter?) was going through "Changes". Those of you that remember seeing the episode surely has the song going through your head at this moment. ~taking bow~ You are welcome.

Husband imeditaly moved the car up to one of our trucks. He has been messing with our '67 Chevy for a few days now, and after about 15 minutes and a jump start, it came to life. We then discovered that there were several large holes in the radiator. I ran back and forth, filing it with water, only to watch in desperation as it seemeingly poured out the holes. Yet there was little choice it what we had to do. The cattle were gritching by this time, and husband has his pride, and we have relied too much on good neighbor for this job.

Husband managed to grab a bale with the failing truck, as I ran to get the gates. The mud and straw lied heavily on the ground, giving way to pooling water as I stepped heavily down. With y back turned I could hear the engine being gunned behind me, quickly I stepped aside as husband and his baby blue pickup came flying down the path. Mud and water sprayed up from the tires as he passed.

The cattle and I went running after the truck. As Sam (horse) decided that she was the one that was to inform good neighbors horses about what was hapening. she ran and jumped, taunting the equines. Husband and I shooed the cows away as we dropped the bale, and I grabbed the hay ring.

Husband was off, hitting the standing water, the front end hopping up. Halfway through the barn area, as the truck jumped yet again the hood went flying up, blocking all views of the path ahead. Husband revved the engine and was off like a bolt, not once being able to see if he was about to hit a barn or fencing. But the mud and water was thick if he would stop, he would be stuck.

He made it without a problem. As I shut the gate and turned around, husband had hopped out of the truck and was doing a victory dance.

Yesterday, as I was working in the house, our dogs began barking desperately. Then I heard good neighbor's truck. My dogs have never barked at good neighbor for just leaving his own home. I pulled back the old lace curtain's just in time to see good neighbor flying into my driveway, and begin honking. The way he was driving, the way he was honking, I felt that something horrid had just happened. I went running out, neglecting my jacket, and ran to see what was the matter.

He had forgotten to come over Monday to help us with a bale.


HermitJim said...

I have visions in my head of DH doing that victory dance...and it does make me smile, for sure!

Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Love it - I can see the pictures now! LOL

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