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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We spent $1,000 on fencing. Keeping our dogs in, as well as the livestock. We made sure that they couldn't get out and cause any trouble.

We have neighbors with a fenced in yard. They do not put their dogs in it. Instead the dogs run free, chasing their horses out of their rope fencing. A neighbor was lucky one day, I got their 5 year old child out of the way as 3 horses came thundering down the road, pursued by those dogs.

These dogs have harassed Good neighbors goats. Good Neighbor and the neighbor across the way has talked to these neighbors, told them to do something about the dogs. The dogs have been reported to the county. The chase walkers and joggers, have attacked my horse as we rode passed. The county warned them and moved on.

These are untrained cattle dogs. They tend to bite livestock because they have no idea what to do. They have dug up our drive way as we slept, so they can get under the gate. My dogs are worthless if they won't stop them.

One was attacking my goats this morning.

We warned them.

I am more than livid.


C. said...

Ugh. Are there laws against shooting dogs that are trespassing on your property? Because if I'd been through all you have with these critters, that'd be my response. Though I imagine it would have been hard to hit the dog and not a goat, in this instance.

Phelan said...

We are allowed to shoot dogs that pose a danger to humans or livestock. And it isn't too difficult to miss a goat.

SkippyMom said...

I think another call to the county is in order b/c it not only came after you & your horse but it was attacking goats today?

I am sure you don't want to shoot them [okay maybe you do] :D or maybe just firing a gun in the air?

Could you trap them and take them to the pound? I doubt they have tags - doesn't sound like their owners care too much.

Good luck.

Felinae said...

Phelan, I am sorry. Will your goat survive it's injuries?

I have always been of the mindset that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I think this instance proves my point. I hate to see animals harmed, But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to protect you and yours.

The dogs have obviously proved that they are not safe to be around livestock or humans for that matter. I tend to agree with SkippyMom, put in another call to the county, and the owners, if they still refuse to do anything...
I don't think anybody would be that worried if the dogs went missing, unfenced dogs take off and disappear all the time. ;)

Faren said...

I think I would tell the county and them that the next time they cross my property I'll be right there waiting for them with my gun. Well, I don't know that I could actually do that, but I think you could and at this point you have the right to protect your livestock. Plus, these dogs have no discipline so are going to be a hazard to animals and children no matter where they go.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. We have had dogs chase our calves and the owners simply do not care. They think that living in the country means they can do whatever they want. They do not understand that you can literally stress a calf to death.

Now I take dogs home once. I carefully explain that I am bringing the dog home on his feet this time. I will bring the dog home next time too, but it will be in a garbage bag and I will bill them for the bullet.

I love dogs. I have two and I adore them. I hate to hurt any animal. But the animals on my place are my responsibility. I am responsible to provide them with safety.

Amy Manning said...

Total bummer. I have neighbors that let their dog roam freely at times and it likes to eat poultry. It got two of our chickens and possibly two of my ducks but I am not certain of that.

All of my poultry are now enclosed rather than roaming free, the dog being only one reason for this. So this solves my problems for the most part.

But, I think next time I see the owners of that dog I will ask if they've considered a wireless fence.
We have a pretty good relationship with them regardless of the chicken murders. They did warn us that their dog really likes to hunt poultry. And before we bought this place, all of the neighbors used to let their dogs run freely together, so he is used to coming on our land. But, for the most part, they have prevented him from coming here.

If I were in your position I would definetely consider keeping a gun handy. And I am not a gun person.

In my experience, there are just some dogs that have the urge to attack livestock and it won't get any better.

I am on the fence about the whole "no bad dogs just bad owners" mentality. I used to think it was just bad owners. But, my dog is agressive toward other dogs and I have tried and tried to cure her of that. I've had her as a puppy. She was socialized with other dogs. I've tried different dog trainers and read several books on the subject. She's now 10 years old and has only gotten worse.

Certainly owners have the greatest influence over their dogs' behavior... but not always.

So, now I just keep her away from other dogs. She's an excellent livestock guardian. Funny how she can just hang out with the chickens but hates being around other dogs.

Anyway, it sucks to be a hardass about these issues, but I do think you should let the owners know how upset you are and that you will be using a gun in your defense (even if you do not have one). It is just too expensive and heartbreaking to lose livestock that way. Are the other neighbors having similar experiences?

Hopefully you don't have children.

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear about your goat! I do hope she will be OK. There is NOTHING I hate more than someone who lets their dog run loose to kill and cause havoc for their neighbors. It is the height of inconsideration and thoughtless selfishness. We had a goat killed and one mauled by my neighbors two dogs that were running loose and came onto our property a long time ago before we bought the livestock guardian dogs.

It took threatening to take him to court to even get him to pay for the goats and the whole traumatic incident itself changed my views on guns. Not that I was against them before or anything but I just never seen the need to own one. After the attack I bought a handgun and a rifle the very next day.

cpcable said...

What a frustrating situation and even more so to read that it's so common. We also have a problem with two dogs that roam at large in our area. We don't have any outdoor animals, so it's an annoyance more than anything else. But I agree with all those here that have said that once you take on keeping animals it's your responsibility to keep them safe. Once they're attacking your goats, I think you're justified in doing what you need to. Ideally, this could be worked out without any harm coming to any animals, but the dog owners don't seem to keen on taking the effort.

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the dogs, Phelan. That's my big nightmare with my own dogs (who run free on about 100 shared acres)as we're surrounded by calving operations. Thankfully the farmers are great old timers and are pretty sure their cows would win the day. (They don't seem to mind when the cats go mousing in their barns.)

I have been told that dogs can be "cured" of sheep chasing by putting a muzzle on them, tethering them to a gate, and running the sheep back and forth until the dog gives in and gives up. It's traumatic, yes, but better than killing them. Apparently such an experience will turn a dog off of the animals forever. Maybe a variation is possible for you?

Otherwise, this rescue nut says you're justified, whatever you do.

Anonymous said...

Shoot. Shovel. Shut-up.

End of problem.

Kelle said...

Sadly it seems that there needs to be a case of SSS. We had a neigbor who had a dog that killed two of our chickens and then kept coming back, well..... sadly for the dog it dissapeared. Wouldn't you know it they hadn't learned there lesson and got another Akita, we made it clear what would happen. We never saw the dog again, they moved a few weeks later.

Kelle said...

I forgot to say, I pray your goat is okay. It is maddening I know!

small farm girl said...

I hate to put it this way, but I believe I would shoot the dogs and not tell anyone. Sorry, they were warned.

Anonymous said...

Shoot Shovel Shut-up

Anonymous said...

Out where we live it's S.S.S. all the way. If a dog attacks, or makes aggressive moves toward any living thing... we pop 'em.

I know a guy who tags dogs with paintballs. It hurts enough to stop the dog and leaves a clear mark. He posts signs up stating "If your dog comes home with blue spots FECNE IT. Because if it comes here again I won't use paintballs."

HermitJim said...

Sounds like it's time for some 12 guage justice to me!

Digging in the yard is one thing, but when they attack the livestock, that's just one step away from a child!

Phelan said...

All I have to say is, we warned them.

Given55 said...

Dead dog in the middle of the road. Dead dog in the middle of the road. Dead dog in the middle of the road.
Stinken to high heaven.

David in Kansas said...

Can you shoot the dog owners with paint balls? I hate to live contentiously with a neighbor but you can't just sit there and continue to take it. I hope the situations comes to a reasonable conclusion.

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