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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Batteries Not Included

Undies needs toys.

I guess I might need to explain who Undies is to some of the new readers. Undies is short for Unexpected Delight, he is our 1 year old Kerry Bull.

Undies needs toys.

Yesterday I was watching from the warmth of the house as Undies stood within view of my window. I wasn't sure what he was doing right off. And then it suddenly dawned on me, he needs toys.

He had found a tire tube. He had it on his muzzle, lifting his head up, and trying to get it down around his neck. Th tire tube wasn't doing what it was suppose to, and Undies spent about 5 minutes attempting to get that tube to slide or bounce down. Of course I had a giggle fit watching him.

When Lott, our rent-a-bull was here, he had a fondness for our tire swing. He would butt it so it would swing back and forth and play fight with it. He also loved the loveseat that we had in the field, pushing it like a football player, or lifting it up trying to get it over his back. (loveseat was out there to be burned, we left it while he was here)

The one thing that no one seems to tell you about Kerries or Dexters are the young bulls love their play time. And toys are a good idea to keep them occupied.


SkippyMom said...

The picture of the bull playing with the loveseat that I am imagining is going to give me a smile for a WEEK! That is just hysterical.

I wish I could think of something fun to send Undies - I would do it in a heartbeat. But, seriously - um, what exactly do you give a bull to play with? I am sure there isn't a Bull aisle at the local Petsmart. lol

I wonder how long one of those huge exercise balls would last? Hmmm. Now you know this is going to consume my thoughts for the day. giggle. Thanks Phelan.

small farm girl said...

Our bull use to push 1500 lbs round bales of hay down our hill. He actually could lift them off the ground for a bit. They are such fun creatures.....until they are mad. lol

Phelan said...

Undies is polled, so I doubt he would pop it, but Winston does have horns. But alas, as soon as the wind would catch it, it would be gone. A medicine ball might not be a bad idea.

Small Farm girl, too bad we don't have any hills. I have yet to get them mad at me. Small slapped Undies the other day, and Undies behaved like a puppy being disciplined. Of course we don't turn our backs on him.

HermitJim said...

Have to admit, I have never given much thought to what a good toy would be for a bull! Does pose an interesting set of problems, doesn't it?

maybe you should follow up on this post when you find something that works! That would be very interesting...and entertaining as well!

Animals can be such a joy to watch sometimes!

Thanks for giving us all a grin causing image to carry with us the rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

Our previous dexter bull, Solomon loved to play with the horsie tire swing,( like you get at murdoch's or tractor supply) and large stumps. Then when we got a ram, he would play with him as well. Our 2 current bulls are steered, and I have yet to see them play with the swing, but they do play with each other a lot. Maybe this summer when they are a bit older they will play with the swing as well, and then the stumps will end up all over the field again too!

Janelle said...

aww, I miss Lott :sniff:

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Hula hoops? Tether ball? ooooo I just love thinking up pet toys! maybe Small could teach him tricks like a dog? Then you could take him to the fair as a performing animal and charge 50 cents a seat (or whatever the going rate in KS happens to be)... growing a bull must be relatively expensive since they usually only "work" a few hours a year.

Definitely let us know what you come up with for him!

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