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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Updates

My little brother had surgery yesterday, and is on his way home today. He got a total of 2 plates and fourteen screws put in his arm. He hurts, but the surgery went well

Stepfather will be bumped tomorrow. He tried to file a grievance but it was denied. He is the only one that was working in his household.

Funny, my mother was consoling me when husband was laid off, 2 years ago now. And. . . now it seems to be my turn to do the same for her.

It hurts not only watching my family go through this, but other families as well. My mother and I were out and about a few weeks back. We decided to grab something to eat at a local place. The older gentleman behind the counter was new, and just learning how to take orders. If you have spent your entire life around the aircraft industry like I have, you know an engineer when you see one. There is just something about these guys that sticks out. I felt awful for him. Here is was, close to retirement age, having a kid teach him how to work at a fast food restaurant after working years to get were he was before being laid off. But then I was also proud of the man. He found the work he needed.

We are seeing more and more people like him in our community. And I am sure you are seeing it as well.


HermitJim said...

Very sad to hear all that is going on in your family. You're right about this becoming more and more common, and I'm afraid that it's not over yet!

This year may be the worst year in a long time...Thank you Mr. O !

SkippyMom said...

Your poor brother. I still am flabbergasted that they sent him home and he actually left, everyone should have known. It is so important to have back up when you go to the Dr./ER - that ER were idiots [and I don't say that lightly].

It is good you are there for your Mother and [S]Dad. It just seems like you were so hoping that 2010 would bring relief and here we are so soon into and you are again back in it.

Things will look up - it can't keep going downhill from the backlash of the Bush years - it has to improve eventually and I would like to think sooner than later.

Blessings are that your brother will heal and that your parents have you [and a bit a severance until he can find a new job] It is amazing what we are given and what we do with it.

Keep good thoughts, as will we and hopefully a happier place is just around the corner. You never know!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

@Phelan ...
I'm sorry things are rough and getting rougher. Are your folks of a prepper mindset as well?

@SkippyMom ...
I just have to ask about your 'backlash from the Bush years' comment. Surely you don't blame this crash and burn economy all on Bush??? Surely not. Bush did some things I didn't like but at what point does Obama get to own the (sad) state of affairs in this country? The man has been in office for a year already.

Forgive me if I misinterpreted your 'backlash' comment.

Phelan said...

Now now, let's stay away from the politics please. Unless I bring it up, my blog, my rules. I have a bunch of readers from all different walks of life. Thank you for understanding.

My stepfather will get no severance pay or package or deal. Look at it as being fired. The Unemployment Insurance trust for the stat of Kansas is set to go bankrupt in a few weeks. So no one knows when or if any one getting fired laid off will get unemployment.

All benefits end when he leaves. No more insurance, no nothing.

I was just told that since he throw a stink over how unfair this all was, the man that is replacing him has to train for 3 days and take a test. My stepfather has been given one more week. My mother is off to fill as much of her prescriptions as possible.

My brother actually wasn't alone, but the person he was with was his girlfriend and sh is from Brazil. And we know that the have a poor health system there. He has insurance from work, so I don't know. . . I really wish they hadn't of done what they did, but I am just happy that he got a second opinion.

Husband and I are still optimistic about our plans This only accelerates what we need to do, nothing more.

My parents are preppers. Actually they are Evangelical Christians, this is where I say hint hint nudge nudge, and not get into specifics.

Kelle said...

Thanks for the update on your brother, glad his surgery went well, we're praying for speed in healing and lack of pain for him.

So sorry to hear that it is final with your stepdad's job, there seems to be no justice in the world now. Having his appeal denied is a crime!

Yes, we're seeing elderly folks coming out of retirement to work in places like Walmart, McDonalds, Wendy's etc.... because they can't afford to live on SS alone. I don't think our job market is as bad as yours sounds, YET, but it is coming. Montana seems to run a year or two behind the economic tides. The Govenor is buckling down for what he believes could hit our state hard and while we're sitting good right now( budget wise), thankfully they seem to see what is coming.

Again sorry for your families struggles, it's hard to watch and your Mom will appreciate your support, I'm sure.

Kella B said...

posted a link to this post in one of my blog rants hope you dont mind

alrescate said...

How is your brother doing? Is he able to get around at all now?

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