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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doing the Bump

There is this really cool union thing called the bump.

Now imagine this, you have been working hard at your job for the last 20 plus years, suddenly the aircraft manufacturer that you work for is have financial issues, well heck let's be honest, the entire US is having some financial issues.

Some of your co-workers are getting pink slips that very day, and given 2 months severance pay. Other of your co-worker are given 90 day notices and no severance pay. You know the layoffs are coming to you because they have already announced that your job is going to Mexico. So you wait.

Suddenly a laid off worker is rehired in your area. This means you are now higher up on the list to get laid off first. Seniority no longer matters. And you wait.

Now here comes the fun part, another laid off worker decides thy don't want to be laid off, and according to the union rules, you can actually want this, so this one person decided that they will go ahead and move to your department, even though in the next few months it is going to Mexico, and BOOM!!! You are bumped.

Bumped means no warning, no severance pay. Bumped means you are out in the cold with nothing but thank you for your years of service. You've done nothing wrong, but you are done here. It is like getting fired without getting fired. And because you weren't laid off, you don't get to do the bump with someone else.

That is what the Phelan Family is about to face. At least we can see it happening and know that it is coming very soon.

Just got this email "it is that some men who where laid off put in a grievance. They say that since they use to work 30 years ago, in Step-father's department, they should be able to come back. They do not know how to do the job. They won and they will be coming back. This means that 80% of the department will not know how to do the job"


Meadowlark said...

Wait, so these guys have been with the COMPANY 30 years? And they didn't take retirement?

I know I'm confused. I suppose it sucks all around. I'm hoping crime will continue to go up in our area so Husband's overtime will cover my lack of wages, since we're in a 12% unemployment area with no prospects on the horizon. :(

Hope it turns out ok, though it doesn't sound like it.

Kelle said...

Man, it just keep gets worse, even when I think it can't possibly.

Seniority went bye, bye when companies were being bought out or taken over and that is one reason my Dh left the field of work we'd been in for 25+ yrs. We could see the handwriting on the wall and now those who've worked for companies for 25+ yrs are looked at as a liability*sigh* When with this country learn?????

Kelle said...

PS. Praying all works out for you, at least you're aware of what's coming, sad as that is to say.

Phelan said...

Meadowlark, some of these guys started when they were 16-18 years old. This puts them well below the retirement age.

If layoffs keep happening, crime will go up, fingers crossed for you :D

Kelle, that you.

Anonymous said...

Oh My, I am wishing you the best. Keep us posted. I hope that crimes DO NOT go up in your area because that means someone will be a victim. PEACE. True Faith is knowing that all will be alright.

Before you say it would you like to borrow my rose colored glasses.

Meadowlark said...

Just for the record, I actually DON'T hope crime goes up... although in our area probably 1/3 to half the time, the "victim" is someone who's choosing to ply the drug trade as well. :(

G-dog said...

So are you pro-union still or is this enough to push you to the other side?

alrescate said...

I wish this wasn't hanging over your head.

Phelan said...

I was just being playful about the crime thing.

Unions were good once upon a time. And I am very very grateful that I live in a free to work State. And I have never once said I was pro Union.

Alrescate, me either. Looks like husband is the only one with work. Well, youngest brother has work, next to youngest is out due to the arm break (has surgery today) oldest brother out of work, now Stepfather. And I don't know how much longer husband will be able to work if aircraft continues to lay off. Most of their business comes from there.

Bug said...

What a bunch of crap! I can't believe that they can do that :( And what really scares me is that there is a department somewhere that's connected to the airlines that will be full of people who "don't know what they are doing"! What a freakin' mess, I'm sorry hun.

Hang in there :(

Phelan said...

Hey Bug!!

I wouldn't worry too much about them not knowing what they are doing, those jobs are going to Mexico. oh, wait, yep that makes me feel a lot better about it. ~rolls eyes~

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for You and will keep You in My prayers. I am a union member,shop steward actually and have never heard of such insanity.Was it a manufacturing UNion?

Phelan said...

Yes, aircraft manufacturing union, for this plant. It really doesn't make sense to me. Why would they allow this to happen, it will eventually bite them in the butts. But I guess the high up will never be touched by it.

Bob from Athens said...

Interesting how just five years ago if someone said anythng against sny union it was like declaring war, now finally people are beginning to understand that they have just about out lived their usefulness. Yes, ten year old kids working twelve hours a day for twenty five cents a day, seven days a week needed help and protection, but that was long, long ago, before osha and etc. Yes, I agree osha sucks. Now most all that unions do is drive up prices and keep the "good ole boys" working with their highly inflated wages.

Meadowlark said...

OK, color me stupid. So your FIL is NOT in the union, right? Or he is, but he's lower on the totem pole? I'm so sorry, it's just that not having unions out here (for the most part) I'm painfully confused on how they work. For example, if the place is union, I thought your FIL wouldn't even be able to work there unless he joined? Yes? No? Can you help me understand. ANd sorry to be a pain.

Phelan said...

Not FIL, but my Stepfather. He is Union. We are a free to work State, so you have the option to join or not. Most companies however have you sign a contract that says you will never attempt to set up a union while employed for this company. He is a little lower on the totem as he hasn't always been a union member and has cut out then rejoined. But he has not been laid off yet, and thes other men have. When a union memeber has been laid off they can file a grievence and if they win their case, be rehired in a different part of the company. This pushes others in that area out because there are now too many employees. This is when they do the "bump". It doesn't matter if you ar union are not. You no longer have a job. You are not really fired or laid off, just casted aside with no recourse.

Like I said I never understood why they set it up this way Someone with a lot of pull must have been pushed during one of the lay offs years ago, and they started this to save this one person Now it just snowballs.

Meadowlark said...

Thanks, that helps. Although I gotta say it does sound very confusing. Appreciate the clarification.

Phelan said...

I agree, it is very confusing. It is all just politics and how is more popular then another.

Conny said...

Arrggh! So frustrating! I'm sorry this is happening to you. Does this mean that now you have to go sit down at the union hall and "wait" for possible work?

Keeping you in my thoughts ~ Conny

Phelan said...

Conny, that would mean the union was taking care of their own. Nope, he is out of luck. He pretty much goes on his way. There isn't any work in the manufacturing field available here any more. We have several families in Wichita that came from KY that were told they could get work here in aircraft, and they are all in tents.

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