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Friday, January 15, 2010

Monsanto's Newest Problem

You need to read this post over on Freedom Food.

Turns out that 3 of their Approved GMO corn has now been linked to organ damage in mammals.

I said it before. When you mess with nature you have no idea what monster you will create.

I wonder what will turn up with their terminator seed. Mass sterilizations?


The Craftivist said...

yikes. attack of the franken-food.

Irma said...

I certainly don't wish ANY ill to any person or animal who has eaten GMO products....but at the same time, I am GLAD to read this, while the damage is "officially", at least, limited to animals. (Yes, yes, I love animals but I love my son more, thanks.)

Maybe this will help people to wake up...

HermitJim said...

Scary stuff, that's for sure! Of course the government doesn't dare step in and make them clean up their act!

Kelle said...

It's just new to the public, Monsanto has always known, they just lied and covered up their test results. If you've not read a book entitled; "Seeds of Deception", I would highly recommend it! It's an eye opener and show just what lengths Monsanto will go to, to control the world's food supply, because that IS their goal.


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