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Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Morning

I am at a loss for words this morning. Have had a migraine for 2 days. Guess I am a bit tired.

I need to find some Skullcap seeds for the herb garden. All the seed catalogs I get don't sell it. That and peppercorn seeds. Does any one have a supplier they trust that sells these items? Thanks in advance.

I think today I need to restock on my pasta stash. Spend the day making and drying out noodles. Although it is suppose to be warmer today, and I can get outside and do some chores. I guess I will decide that when the sun finally comes up.

Other than that, I hope every one has a great weekend. And if you are itching to can something, why not bread or cakes?


Just trying to be green said...

None of my usual seed companies carry skullcap, but the link below does, and they seem to be ok. I've never ordered from them before, though. It might be worth checking out.

Phelan said...

see that's what I am concerned about, none of my regulars sell it either, and I like to know who I am dealing with.

Thank you for the link, I will look into it.

HermitJim said...

Thanks for the reminder about canning bread and cakes...I had forgotten about it!

Have a great day!

Simple. said...

Fedco Seeds carries skullcap here:

They're an awesome, Maine-based seed company that I love and have relied on for several years now. Not only are they wonderful, but they also have one of the most beautiful print catalogues I've ever seen


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. =(

Anonymous said... sells skullcap. I've ordered from them the last two years and they are great! They're fairly local to me and I agree with their philosophy. All of their seeds are OP and they also sell plants and roots. Their Customer Service is top notch, too. NAYY - just a very satisfied customer.

Stephanie in AR said...

Bountiful gardens sells skullcap too. I on-line ordered two different orders, received both within 4 days (one at the height of order season). Seeds grew well & prices are fairly reasonable.

My favorite - seeds in mixes are vegetable dyed and sent with a color chart so you know what you are planting. Loved it but esp the cherry tomato seed mix. The company is extrememly dedicated to the self-sufficient food production.

Very reasonable s&h - esp considering how fast the order came from CA to AR.

Given55 said...

Mom has skullcap

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