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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Hippopotamuses Like me too!

Now a few years ago, my brother was dating a woman from Argentina. She casually mentioned to us, that in Argentina, the people think all Americans smell like Hamburger. I of course found this just great, and told all my friends, asking my non-American friends if they too thought that. One of my American friends was very paranoid about it when she arrived in Ireland. I must say the phone call that followed (beside everyone being drunk) was just too funny.

I know, you are now wondering why on Earth I would bring this up. Well I have a good reason, and I am about to show my ars. . .I mean American stupidity that we are all so well known for.

Do the Irish all smell like Irish Spring Soap?


Two wonderful friends, Sir Roy and yokospungeon (their real names, seriously, giggle) and their gorgeous daughter Lilly made me some homemade soap.

hope you can see all the detail that went into it.

I love it!

They live in Ireland (oh and Sir Roy, I still have that Christmas card that your wife so lovingly sent out a few year ago. It goes up every year.)

I couldn't smell anything through the plastic it was sent in. So I opened it up and...

Irish Spring! How freakin' cool is that.

Of course this is me being naive about what scent Irish Spring really is. And this soap smells better than the store bought stuff. Husband said maybe the water smells that way, and they hate it so much that they send it to the Americans. haha!

So we had a fabulous time talking about hamburgers and springs.

But Sir Roy, Yoko and Lilly. Thank you! I love the soap, and the timing (not just Christmas) is spot on.

Hope you have lots of Craic on Christmas day!
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1 comment:

Donna said...

Americans smell like sour milk to Japanese.

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