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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eating the Homestead

I have been searching and applying for 3rd shift jobs for over a month now. Apparently being self employed for as long as I have been is no longer considered a plus in the eyes of future employers. They obvious want some one that works out in the real world and not some one that rarely steps foot of the farm.

I need to find an alternative to what I am doing to add to my income. I have been working on a cook book for a while now. I was going to pass it along to some publishers. Unfortunately I can not wait around for them to get back to me, argue with me, set a release date, and all of that. To be frank, and yes, you can be surely, we need the money know. So I have gone the self publishing route.

I set the price low, most of the money ends up in other's hands. But this means I have to sell more. Like 40 by this weekend. Think that's possible? Wait! Side hurts from laughing. My Book is called:

Eating the Homestead

No pictures, sorry. I had it all written out and the fancy program wants me to manually type it all in. haha! Don't worry, I have another one up my sleeve that will have pictures. I digress, Eating the Homesteading has info on making your own extracts, rendering fats, even includes my breads that every one seems to want to steal. The main recipes of this book are based on garden veggies, not orchard (later). I included some of my favorite vegetable ice creams and butters.

The recipes included are not here (ok 1 or 2 have been here) but none have shown up on any of the food rags I write for.

What's the difference between me and a Hooker? A hooker has better promotion.

ahh. . . not enough sleep.

HURRY RUN OUT AND BUY IT! It's the must have book of the year!!!!!


Art Blomquist said...

Hope your book sales like crazy! Me and a couple of friends will be enjoying our copies.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the sales Phelan [Erin? :)] Does it include how to can?

I am going to buy a copy, but that is what I am really interested in...well besides the bread. Hee.

Phelan said...

Sorry, only a couple canning recipes. Mainly it is odd(?) foods, like tomato Ice cream, Parsnip cakes, what to do with goose fat. I planned on a canning one as well.

Real name is Phelan. Erin was my editors idea.

I forgot to mention that there is Smut in this book. (now this is me running away giggling)

HermitJim said...

Good luck on the book, I plan to buy a copy, for sure!

Kelly or Alex said...

Ordered one for Alex. Her birthday is coming up. Great gift. Good luck on the sales. I hope they exceed your expectations.

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