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Friday, July 31, 2009

Tedium is hard at work here

Not much new to tell anyone about. The weather has been cooler for the past week or so. Which does indeed help. However the sun does need to shine so that I can get some tomatoes to turn red.

We are impatiently awaiting the birth of Eddie's new calf. And Wenonna (the newest calf) is coming along just fine.

I' m considering stopping this blog. After 4 years I have little left to compose. There are many death metal listening, tattooed, mistake making, homestead blogs out there now. Many are so new to this life that their enthusiasm is a great distraction. I'm just getting old (hat). I'm not sure yet. Maybe if something happens and I feel motivated, I will continue to post. I guess I have a few things to feel out, more so then think over.

I only have 1 persons mailing address, if your name is over on the side bar, please email me with your shipping info. They really want to get your prizes out to you.


Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

Please don't stop... I look forward to your blog every day!

Soapbox Girl said...

I would miss your blog very much if you were to stop writing.

Martha Ann said...

I echo Jamie and Soapbox girl: please don't stop.

I just found you a few weeks ago and have already linked to you twice.

Cut yourself some slack and stop feeling like you must post every day or every few days. Just do it when it feels right. Please. Please. Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. I've been following it for several months now. Please don't stop but don't get burned out, either.


Donna said...

Your blog has always been interesting to me. Don't feel you have to post every day, if it's a chore for you. Just don't stop.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy keeping up with you, and so many people do read and learn from your blog. I vote for posting when you feel the need. Daily is not necessary.

John Taylor said...

Please continue to post your blog. I enjoy reading about your experiences and sometimes being old is is also called wisdom. Many of of learn from the wisdom of those that have been doing this awhile rather than the newbies that have enthusiasm and not much else to offer yet.


Julie said...

Phelan I'm a special snowflake and cant seem to locate your email address on your blog. Mines forbes dot julie at rocketmail dot com

Thanks! --Julie

Julie said...

Also, keep up the blog! It will be exciting to see about things on the homestead when you move out there, I'm sure you will have many exciting things to share!

lisa0229 said...

My thoughts of you quitting the blog - take the summer off, but I do believe when you start homeschooling in a couple of months, you'll find plenty and amusing tales to tell. I for one would miss you'- aunt lisa

Anonymous said...

You are in inspiration, and I do understand how sometimes it feels like I have nothing worthwhile to say. However, I also know full well that sometimes someone writes just THE RIGHT THING at the moment when I need to read it.
Inspiration doesn't always come with great excitement (I completely refuse to set my hair on fire and run around the neighborhood butt nekkid to entertain my readers), but reading about someone else's day to day life is always fun - there is great beauty to be derived from every day things.
You, dear kindred spirit, inspire me - please think it through before you stop blogging.

Donna said...

I hope you will continue your blog. I read it everyday. You write like we're having a conversation. It feels very friendly. I've learned a lot from you. I mostly just enjoy hearing about the everyday events on the farm. You would be missed.

Gemini said...

You don't have to post every single day, but please don't *stop* posting. Just because there are other blogs LIKE yours doesn't mean that they can replace you.

Besides, you can't leave us hanging like that lol. We want to know about your adventures when you move to the new homestead. If you stopped now it would be like not writing the end of the story (although it's a blog so there really *isn't* an end unless you were to stop homesteading...)

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