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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's A BOY! updated w/pics

Eddie dropped her calf, and it is a wonderful bouncing baby boy! My camera died, will try to get pictures later.

So this year is the year of the W. Any one want to suggest their best W names for him?


I got pictures!!!

I know, I know. He looks like all the rest. However, he doesn't have any white on him, like the others, and he will have horns like his parents, unlike all the others that have been born here who will be hornless.

Can you tell it's a he?

What do you think about the name Whiskey Will the Weekend Warrior of Neophyte Homestead?
We can call him Wee Willy for short.


Kate said...

Congratulations! Wilbur or Winston is what I'd go with. Wyatt might be nice too though.

VADutchman said...

My suggestions would be either Wakeman or Warley; Wakeman meaning "watchman" and Warley "from the cattle pasture", respectively, in old English.

Anonymous said...

Walter! Gotta pay our respects to Mr Cronkite. Wesley could work, too. :)


Phelan said...

Those are some great names guys. Might end up putting this thing to a vote, it will be hard to choose between them.

Janelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'd vote for Wyatt.

fullfreezer said...

Walter would be nice. Or Waldo- you know- where's Waldo? Of course, I hope you would never have to ask that question.

granny said...

Hi Phelan,long time lurker,first time comment...congrats on your baby boy!I thought I would add a little Aussie to the naming of the calf.Maybe Walkabout?Traditional Aboriginal name for moving on!Love your blog mate..keep going :0)

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

My first thought was Winston or Wilbur too! He's absolutely beautiful.

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