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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Misty's Day

It's misting outside. It's actually very pleasant. So far it has been a cooler summer than normal. I know, you Kansans are wondering what I am talking about since we have been in the 90's. but it is June, and we haven't hit 100 F yet, we are averaging more days in the high 70's and low 80's, it's been cool.

A meteorologist came out yesterday and said that some part of the US will not see a summer. Part of Kansas is in the group. It isn't anything devastating, nor anything we haven't been through before, but I wouldn't put any sweet potatoes in just yet. Same thing happened last year, and it never stayed warm enough, long enough to grow sweet potatoes. If you have a nice shade tree, I would put in cool weather veggies under it, just saying.

I have radish, peas, and peppers harvested, need to update my side bar. Have to weigh everything, and that means find my scale. I think I remember where I put it.

Sometime this week I need to go out to the farmstead and take my magnet on a stick. Drag it around the corrals. Cows don't purposely eat metal, like some goats I know (and even most goats don't eat it), but cows, especially Dexters, aren't too picky when they eat, so they just graze and if a bolt just happens to be laying in the grass they will eat it. When that happens your cow can get sick and die (hardware disease). But if the metal is small enough, you can force feed them an oval shaped magnet. They will never pass this or the metal, but it keeps them from getting sick. Oh the joys of cow ownership. (hahaha, ok so I sometime write like I speak and had written magnic instead of magnet. but at least I don't say warsher like my mom!)

Right now I am scolding a goat that is wanting to come into the house. Back door is wide open and she thinks she runs the place. OUT PATCH! GRRR....... GET!

We watched Life After People last night, it was about war machines and dairy cows. They talked about how dairy cows would die out because they wouldn't be able to reproduce due to not having a bull around, not being able to rear their young, because of human intervention, not being able to feed themselves because of their dependency on people and that those of them that managed to survive would, in their description, become like the heritage cattle, smaller, more fleet, and less picky about their food source. Dairy cows are so much like dogs. The thing is, cattle are super smart animals and can be resourceful when they are properly motivated. Calves are slippery little devils.


It is all rather interesting. My boys love that program. Personally my History Channel Favorite is Ice Road Truckers.

Garden is completely in, oh but wait that isn't true. Good neighbor wants to trade some Lumina pumpkin seeds for some Bloody Butcher corn seeds. So I have some more things to get into the ground, and then everything will be in, hopefully. Just some weeding and patience is all that is lacking right now.

So what do you ant to know. I realize that many of you have come here looking how to do things, some of you found me because you wanted to hot water bath your green beans, some wanted to braid onions, and others wanted to butcher an animal. Things are getting scary and some places seem to be tense. Is there a skill you are interested in learning more about? You need to ask, or tell me these things, or you can continue to allow me to prattle on about my day and my musings. It is really up to you.


Gin said...

I would have never known that about cows! Well, I live in the city so I guess there is no reason to know that, but if I ever add a cow to our list of pets, now I know. :-)

Anonymous said...

So much I want to learn yet am unwilling to give up my day job to do it! Too back I cannot learn like in the Matrix - just plug me in and download (I know tiquando)< however that is spelled!
To learn: how to tie knots, use a knife with skill (I read your post in both places), reacquire my firearm knowledge, learn to use the chain saw... hmms.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about summer myself....this has been such a cool summer...we're still getting killing frosts!!

Meadowlark said...

I enjoy the useless musings much of the time :) You seem to have a good mix of this and "heavy duty knowledge".

And you know I'm always looking for canning stuff. :)

Wendy said...

I think Maine may be one of those places where we don't really get a summer ... not that our "summer" is even considered "summer" in other parts of the country (*grin*).

Still, it's June, and I'm sitting here in a sweatshirt with wool socks on my feet. It's still cool enough, most days, for a jacket outside, and it's still dipping into the 40s and 50s at night.

Knowing what our weather is like, though, I've started transitioning to growing mostly cold hardy plants - lots of coles, lettuce, and peas (all of which are thriving right now ;) - and lots of perennials like herbs, various berries and nut and fruit trees. Hopefully that stuff will be able to handle cooler temps :).

Gina said...

Shawn keeps saying he is going to go do that Ice Road trucking. Apparently it is a lot of money for a short period of time. Makes sense-you'd have to pay me pretty well to get out on the ice with a semi.

SkippyMom said...

I would like to know how to keep the goats out of my home. ;) heehee. Seriously tho' - I love your tutorials, but I will happily read about your daily musings anytime.

Have a great day. Say hi Patch!

Anonymous said...

I have a question re: canning
Last year I canned some green beans. I followed the instructions and everything but one thing is bothering me. I didn't cut the green beans all the same length so when I put them in the wide mouth pint jars...some were above the line created by the vinegar/water solution. Is it safe to eat? Or do they all have to be submerged. Thanks!

Phelan said...

I can talk knots and knives.

Susan, your green beans should be just fine. If you question them at all, simply boil them for 5 minutes before eating. But during your canning session, the water boils and will cover everything during the process. You kill the bacteria and seal it against new ones.

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