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Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Late! I'm Late!

The power went out sometime last night, and we were late getting around this morning.

Hope all you mothers out there had a good day yesterday. Small gave me a flower. The petals were his hand prints, the stem his forearm, the leaves his footprint and the roots were the same length as his fingers. Medium gave me a card, he drew a picture of the two of us, then wrote things about me. It was sweet. oh Large? Well he got my glasses down from the top of the refrigerator last night so we could watch a movie, without complaining.

Melissa and her brood came out yesterday. She brought me flowers and chocolates. I felt bad I didn't have anything for her. I wasn't even thinking about that. So I decided to see it as a gift to the hostess. Something I do, and some thing people tend not to do any more. Thank you Melissa!

We had a potluck. Just one of the ways we can help each other out when food and money are tight. I made sweet and sour pork meat balls, using my spiced pear jam and bbq sauce. I also made potato bread. I think every one liked it, we went through a loaf and a half of it. Melissa brought over broccoli salad and a potato dish. Very yummy. My husband wants me to get the recipe for the broccoli salad (even though it did have mayo in it).

I took the little ones on a horse ride, and then allowed one of Melissa's older boys take Sam on his own. He was up for a long time. When I asked him if he was having fun, he told me yes, but he had a problem. He didn't know how to dismount and that's why he was up for so long. My husband and I laughed with that. I taught him everything, but getting down. Oops!

Evey one seemed to have a good time, even though it got very cold. We did light a fire for a bit, but of course a bitter wind had blown in. We plan on doing it again, a potluck that is. Next time however, it will be at her home.


Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

Yes on the potato bread! I've had multiple requests to make it so it goes on the menu for tomorrow/Wed. Here's the recipe for broccoli salad I, of course, use the recipe as a general guide line and eye ball amounts as I go. Plus, I added shredded carrots for a little more color. Thanks for a great day! And, delish Vanilla Pear Jelly. (giggle ~ I had to crack it open to sample!)

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a really good way to spend the day...having a visit with friends and family!

Glad you are back on the air...

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