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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who needs words?

The chicks made it through their first night outside.

Picture 904

The kids are getting big.

Picture 905

Murrial wonders what I'm doing

Picture 902

We lit a fire and listened to the wild peacocks and peahens call out into the night. Then the coyotes.

Picture 913


HermitJim said...

Great pictures, wonderful imagery called up with a few simple words. I could almost hear the night sounds with you!

Thank you for sharing that!

ChristyACB said...

Awesome Pics!

Judy T said...

I LOVE sitting by the fire. It's hypnotizing.
Great pics.

Robbyn said...

Your animals are so beautiful :)

Maria said...

For some reason I don't remember reading that you have peafowl. I'd love to hear more about them! I was just yesterday looking up info about raising them. I'd like to have a pair on our land... will they eat the gardens or are the only after the bugs, like guinea? Do you feed them as you would chickens?

Phelan said...

Maria, I don't have peafowl, they are wild. They are loud and super aggressive. I wish I could tell you more.

Amy said...

There is a subdivision here in San Antonio that has an incredible amount of peacocks. They just wander around the streets like they own the place (which they do)....but I have to say, we drove past one house with about 25 peacocks in their tree. That might not be the best thing to wake up to in the early morning - screaming peacocks...

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