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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not a Profit

We did a little garden prepping yesterday. The garden will not be as big as it was last year, due to the fact that I won't be here to tend it. The ground at the farmstead hasn't been worked. Ad will take this summer and the winter to get the grass problem under control. My husband will tend the garden here, while I build a house and other things needed on the farmstead. He will bring ready to can produce up on the weekends when he comes to visit.

I was chatting with the neighbor across the way. The one that can't make up her mind if she wants to be in the country or the city, and is raiding sheep for butcher sales. She informed me that she now wants to get into Dairy cows. I must say that this caught me off guard, and I was speechless. I know! Can you believe that one? I did manage to say something. I asked her if she realized how much more work Dairy cattle were compared to sheep. She said yes. I asked her if she realized that she had to milk them everyday. (she wants me to milk her goats for her) she said that she was going to pay someone that knew how to do it. At that point I didn't know what else to say. I guess I should say good for her. But my gut says, she trying to step on my toes. I know I shouldn't feel that way. I should be happy that she wants to do these things. I feel bad that my mind went to that bad place, but I live and work out here, she is only out on the weekends to check her birds and sheep. And the lack of work ethics, and the caviler way she treats animals as profit bothers me. I know, I know, get over it. Competition never hurt anyone, but I already have decent competition so that doesn't bother me in the least.

Jack and Betty, the baby goats, are super active. They are official into everything and have tested every single fence on the property. Their horns are coming in, and they are the chubbiest dairy goats I have ever seen. Spoiled little buggers.

Murrial and Courage are doing well. Courage has her full run on, her little tail curls up as she books across the field. Unlike the Dexters, she isn't afraid to be more than a couple steps away from mommy, but she is starting to shy away from me. I expected that, but they come around again. The youngest Dexter heifer, Urth, seems to be suffering from OCD. My brother and I were stand out in the field talking, and she walks up and starts licking me, and didn't stop. She managed to take of several layers of skin. Those that have been licked by a cow can tell you about that. Their tongues are rough like a cat's tongue, an huge! It isn't like a sweet dog kiss. Yesterday Urth manged to corner my husband and began the licking process with him. She has a mineral block, but she wants to lick us. I guess she is just a big sweety.

Donkey the sheep is due for shearing soon. Right now he is a big ball of fluff, with legs. Sammy (horse) has accepted him as a companion. Poor Donkey, his legs can barley keep up with Sammy's stride. I have a feeling that once on the farmstead, I will be riding Sammy, with a desperate Donkey running behind us, everywhere.

I talked with Medium and Large yesterday about homeschooling. They are both for it. Medium however made it clear that we would be going to the library. I said yes, that we would. I thought we could make a day of going into town. There are several historic towns in the area, we can do the museums and go up into the oldest jail in the State, things like that. They both seem thrilled about it. I know Large has issues with school mates, and will be glad to get away from that.

With us headed into gardening season, is there anything you want to know about?


Anonymous said...

Wow girl. I have been out of the loop for a bit...and as I expected, your life is ever changing. But still....DANG girl! I cannot keep up with you! :) I hope all goes well with the new place and your new adventures in homeschooling. I'm glad the animals are doing well as well. Have your thefts stopped?

HermitJim said...

I think it sounds like all is going well on all fronts. It would be nice if DH could be there more opften, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Good luck, my friend!

Mrs. Deering said...

Good to hear that they're up for homeschooling. :)

We always had a library day, once a week. It's great fun.

The Fool said...

A "weekend homesteader?" And she pays to have someone milk the goats?

Well, sounds like you could have some profitable fun with this one. Next time you're out at the fence, ask her if she if she really wants to risk letting someone else milk her animals...and then tell her she's gonna need a real expert...not just some fly-by perverted teat grabber...then tell her that the pros are REAL EXPENSIVE...and that you just might be able to assist...but you're THE BEST. Kerching!

April Bourgois said...

I like what Fool says! Don't forget to tell her that having an Employee means paryroll taxes, OSHA regs, witholding, and "huge" fines if the feds find out she's not in compliance. Heck, just make stuff up! this lady sounds like she shouldn't be keeping a barn cat let alone stock!

Way to go for your boys!!!! They'll learn so much more at home!

Oh, and can you tell me how to keep my seedlings from crapping out? A few came up and keeled over the same day and the rest are dead in the soil.

Phelan said...

Farm mom, glad to see you back prowling the blogs. The thefts have stopped, but we have that managy looking fox back around.

HJim, I would love it if husband could be around more.

The fool, hhhmmm... I could but I won't be here to milk them for her. She wants to buy my property to do it on.

Mrs. Fuzzy, ha! that I could.

As for your seedlings. It could be a number of things. Type of light you are using, too hot, too cold, soil not retaining enough moisture, retaining too much moisture, bad soil, bad water, bad seeds. Could you tell me a bit more about your set up?

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