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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I plan on going out to the farmstead tomorrow and have all that to talk about on Monday, today I will bring your Friday's adventure, garage sales.

Friday was the start of our little towns city wide garage sale. oh my! It was difficult to get around town and it was only Friday, today will be imposable. There were plenty of sales to be found, we didn't need a map. We just drive to the next block, park and walk.

My mother, Small and I headed out mid morning. Looking for canning jars mainly. We found a total of 5 in the tree hours we were out. But that wasn't the score I am speaking of. Science materials seemed to be a very popular item to be selling. I found a brand new, metal encased, telescope for $10. I found a molecule building kit, food experimentation books, an untouched children's science kit, a microscope kit, and the list seems to go on from there. I thought these items would be great for homeschooling. Of course husband will have to help me with some of it like the molecule building kit. I was reading the instruction manual and it was way over my head. He knows all that science stuff, math, biology, while I know literature and English, spelling (at times) Social Studies, current events. We should make a decent team.

While we were out, I thought we would skirt the country side, looking for a few sales. We found one that happened to be at the people's house that we are swapping bulls with. I got to see my bull! He is simply gorgeous. Wish I had brought my camera. He is short legged and horned. His head, for being under a year old, is huge, very broad. His father is good looking as well.


Buffra said...

Hey -- I am teaching high school science, so if you ever want ideas or anything, just let me know. Glad to help.

Irma said...

Great score at the yard sales!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the score! Always a good feeling. =)

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